ArK Retires From The Overwatch League

It’s another sad moment for the Overwatch League offseason as Washington Justice’s Yeon-joon “ArK” Hong announced his retirement from professional Overwatch. ArK has been a bright spot in the league throughout the first three seasons and his cheery attitude and infectious smile will surely be missed heading into the 2021 season and  beyond.

ArK spent the last two seasons of the Overwatch League with the Washington Justice. Despite the team not performing that well throughout the league, ArK always had a lot of support from fans and was constantly a bright spot in terms of personality in the team. In the inaugural season in the league, ArK played for the New York Excelsior and won the stage two and stage three finals, a major accomplishment in the league.

ArK got to go out with one last run in the Overwatch League. His steady Mercy play in the playoff-meta made a big impact on a Washington Justice team that made a miracle run before being knocked out just shy of the final four. It was an exciting time for ArK, the Justice and all their fans who didn’t have much to cheer for throughout the regular season. It was a beautiful swan song for the fan favorite player and one many won’t forget for years to come.

Some players in esports have a ton of talent but their impact away from the stage is not often felt. For ArK, his impact both on and off the stage is admirable. Known for being on of the nicest players in the league, ArK seemed to be a good teammate, a bright spot for a Washington Justice team that struggled throughout their first two seasons in the league. His interviews were always great and his infectious attitude will be missed. Thank you, ArK for being such a strong presence in the Overwatch League.

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