Diversity & Inclusion Becoming a Bigger Focus Within Esports

Quick Hits: 

Piggott, on the equality gap between the competitive and business sides of esports: “Women are somewhere along their journey, either dissuaded, disappointed, or disillusioned with the idea of a career in pro gaming. And I don’t believe that as a group that we’ve been able to identify and solve that. … But I am really happy with the developments that I see on the business and infrastructure side.” 

Spectacor Gaming Brand Partners Associate and FTW co-Founder Meredith Weber, on the importance of authenticity in branding: “Esports fans can really sniff out BS very quickly, and they’ll call you out for it on social media.” 

Gen.G Esports co-President & COO Arnold Hur, on shifting values in the esports industry: “For the first time, I’m starting to see steps being taken by the industry, by sponsors, by partners, wanting to say, ‘Okay, here’s a problem. What can we do about it?’”

Cloud9 Esports Senior VP/Marketing Kristen Salvatore, on what the industry should strive for in ‘21: “A parity of pay for the same or analogous jobs, parity of opportunity, parity of representation, of different perspective. … I would like to see leagues and teams start to take more active steps toward getting to parity.”

This article originally appeared in Sports Business Daily.

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