Dota 2: Patch 7.28b Finally Arrives

Here’s some of the most interesting information in the latest Dota 2 update.

Even though it is January, it seems like 2021 will definitely be a better year than 2020 for Dota 2. The DPC qualifiers are currently underway and we got to see some amazing series. Most recently, Chicken Fighters and mudgolems joined the Europe Regional Qualifiers Upper Divison after defeating their opponents.

Despite the ongoing matches, Valve is still trying to balance the game following the major Mistwoods Update that took place a few days ago. Yesterday, the company released the newest Dota 2 update called 7.28b. Even though there are no major changes, the new update brings a lot of nerfs and buffs.

In this article, we’ll try to go through some of the most notable changes. Having said that, if you want the full details with all the changes, check out the changelog.

Item changes

Unlike previous small patches, this one doesn’t have that many item changes. Although most buffs and nerfs affect heroes, there are two items that we changed more than the others.

The first is Swift Blink, which is one of the new items that arrived in 7.27. Its buff now allows you to exceed the maximum movement speedn. Moreover, it provides 40% MS rather than 30%, and it gives 50 damage and attack speed, rather than 40.

The next item that has to be on this list is Cloak of Flames. Now, it reduces the armor by for, and its radius is reduced from 400 to 375. Furthermore, the illusions now deal 30 damage per second, instead of 45.

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Hero changes

There are multiple heroes that received small changes in 7.28b. Naturally, we can’t cover all of them, which is why we will focus only on the most important ones.

The first hero that receives three buffs to his new ability is Clockwerk. The Jetpack shard cooldown is now reduced from 25 to 20, and the movespeed is increased from 15% to 22%. On top of that, this skill’s mana cost is reduced by 50%, so instead of 150 mana, it costs just 75.

The next up is Naga Siren and her Rip Tide. Every Dota 2 player knows that this is the main damage ability used for farming and fighting, especially early on. As a result, every change directly affects the hero and the way she works.

In this case, the changes affect the recently-added Rip Tide Shard. It now slows down enemy units by 40% for four seconds, but it no longer deals 100 bonus damage. Luckily, it increases the armor reduction by 2, which is good.

Outworld Destroyer is the last hero we want to include in this list.

He has been buffed significantly, which is why we think he might become the new go-to mid laner. Following the update, OD now has 2 extra base armor, 1.6 agility gain, 325 movement speed, and 1 base HP regen.

Essence Flux now has a 30% chance to proc, instead of 25%. In terms of Astral Imprisonment, it now does 360 damage on level four (it used to deal 330), and it steals 22% mana from the target (it was 20% before).

As for the ultimate, Sanity’s Eclipse now has a base damage of 400, which 50 more than before. Lastly, OD’s level 15 talent now provides +30 MS rather than +8 armor, whereas the level 20 increases Sanity’s Eclipse multiplier to + 0.15, rather than +0.1.

Outworld Destroyer’s level 25 talent now gives +2% Arcane Orb Damage (it used to provide +1.6%).

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