G2 claim first place in the LEC after a barnburner of a match against Fnatic

G2 Esports and Fnatic never disappoint when they face off against each other. But in the seventh LEC Match of the Week, the Kings of Europe took back their crown in one of the most exciting matches of the League of Legends season so far.

This time around, G2 opted into another unorthodox pick in the top lane in the form of Janna. It was another double support composition that the LEC has grown to love and hate over these past few weeks, and this pick ended up being one of the difference-makers later in the match.

For almost 20 minutes, the match teetered on a knife’s edge. Even though Fnatic led in gold for a majority of the early game, every fan in the Berlin studio knew that one small mistake could spell disaster for the boys in orange. Teamfights were close and both teams looked poised to snatch victory at a moment’s notice.

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