KuroKy back for team Nigma; gives an update of his health and the future of the team

For a long time now, TI9 runners-up Team Nigma have been playing without their captain, Kuro ‘KuroKy’ Salehi Takhasomi. KuroKy took a break due to health reasons and Team Nigma’s coach, Roman ‘rmN-‘ Paley stood in for him for about four to five months. Yesterday, Kuro gave an update on his situation and also talked about what the issue had been with him and the team’s future. He revealed that he was back training with the team and would be playing with the Team Nigma roster in the Epic League Dicision 1 tournament.

Guess who’s back!#StarsAlign

The issue Kuro had been facing was with his hands, and even though he didn’t go into specifics, he did mention it was becuase of all the grinding. Goes to show that even that professional esports has hardships and problems associated with it, even though they may not always be evident.

Regarding Nigma, the organization started by the former Team Liquid roster, the captain mentioned everything was going smoothly. They have been working to promote esports in the Middle East and hosted the Rising Stars tournament earlier in the year in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. Kuro also mentioned that the organization were looking to expand in other esports, so we just might see Team Nigmas sprouting everywhere, just like Enigma Eidolons.

KuroKy and the rest of Team Nigma begin thier Epic League journey against Mud Golems on the 14th of November followed by a spicy match-up against OG on the 15th. The group stages of the $500,000 tournament will see a round robin format which will go on till the 5th of December, after which the playoffs will commence.

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