LEC Releases Rap Battle Video Featuring League of Legends Broadcast Talent

The LEC team is back at it again with another “Mediocre Rap Battle”.

Drakos, Vedius, Froskurinn, and Sjokz stepped up to the plate to make some top tier content before the start of the LEC playoffs. This is their fourth rap battle, and honestly, it may be the best one yet. Punches were thrown, fans were hurt, and Fnatic got roasted harder than the 2018 World’s final.

Froskurinn, Vedius, Sjokz, and Drakos represented Rogue, Fnatic, MAD Lions, and G2 respectively. The video starts with Froskurinn and Vedius taking shots at each other, then Sjokz and Drakos do the same. They are surrounded by a crowd of hype men and some players in a beautiful concert hall. The video then transitions to Drakos and Vedius battling in a junkyard. Sjokz and Frokurinn show up asking, “when was this a Fnatic G2 party?” Frokurinn proceeds to rip Fnatic’s Rekkles apart, saying “can’t win a title without Caps or Huni!” The video ends with Shalke 04’s Gillius and SK’s Crownshot showing up wondering why they were not invited. Also, G2’s Mikyx hilariously shows up throughout the entire video with no real explanation.

The production value of the video is incredible, yet what makes this more incredible is the fact that Drakos wrote the song in a day and it took nine days for the whole video to come together. He says on the EUphoria podcast that he “barely slept” to get this ready before playoffs. He also mentioned that he wrote most of it before the playoff picture was locked in. He feared that he would be forced to rewrite it if Fnatic did not make it.

The rap battle is further evidence of how high the quality of the LEC is. The team consistently pumps out incredible content that highlights, and occasionally pokes fun of, the players and teams. This keeps fans engaged with the league while also building new fans. The LEC team is building hype for the playoffs, showing what’s at stake for every team. If the video was shown to someone completely new to competitive League of Legends, they would immediately understand the importance of these playoffs. Also, the song is a straight banger.

The LEC playoffs begin August 21st.

Sources: EUphoria, LoL Esports

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