Los Angeles Gladiators Sign MuZe

With Mag signed to the Washington Justice, Young-hun “MuZe” Kim was next in line for top tier main tank talent coming out of Overwatch Contenders. It was the Los Angeles Gladiators who were able to secure MuZe heading into the 2021 season, bolstering their tank line into a truly formidable force. With the new addition, the Los Angeles Gladiators are hoping to have their best season yet.

The Los Angeles Gladiators had their weakest season yet in 2020, going 11-10 in the process and finishing out the season in 7-8th place. OGE was brought in to be a strong main tank but he remained inconsistent throughout. Adding MuZe to the lineup could be a massive pickup for Los Angeles as they already have a great off tank in Indy “SPACE” Halpern. It will be interesting to see how well the two of them work together for the 2021 season.

MuZe has dominated Overwatch Contenders for quite a while at this point. Most recently was his success with WGS Phoenix where he helped lead the team to a Season One Week Four victory and a third place finish in the season one tournament. Before that, he played for Eternal Academy and helped Talon Esports make a surprise run in the 2019 Overwatch Contenders Gauntlet.

The Los Angeles look to take their talent to the next level in 2021. They have an incredibly strong tank duo now with MuZe and SPACE. If they can add some top talent at the support line, the Gladiators might have their best season yet. Seeing MuZe finally able to play in the Overwatch League is also a big moment as he and Mag look to battle it out as the best rookie tanks all season long. Huge pickup for the Los Angeles Gladiators.

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