Luminosity Gaming Signs Fortnite Pro Nick Eh 30, Epic Sanctioned ‘Nick Eh 30 Cup’ Announced

Luminosity Gaming has signed popular Fortnite pro player Nicholas “Nick Eh 30” Amyoony to a content creation deal that will see the popular 25-year-old Canadian Twitch streamer continue to create family-friendly content under the Enthusiast Gaming-owned esports organization’s banner.  Amyoony focuses almost exclusively on creating Fortnite content aimed at a younger audience.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Creative Arts Agency negotiated the partnership on behalf of Amyoony. Amyoony declined to disclose particulars about the deal or how Luminosity will handle his current sponsorships.

Amyoony has an impressive following on multiple platforms including Twitch (2M followers), TikTok (2.5M followers), YouTube (5.41M subscribers), Instagram (3.4M followers), Twitter (759.3K followers), and Facebook (24.8K followers).

Amyoony said that he chose Luminosity over other organizations because it understood the content he creates and the demographic that consumes it.

I’ve always been about building a community and ensuring my fans feel like they’re part of a bigger family.  With Luminosity, it just felt natural,” Amyoony told The Esports Observer. “Since our first call, I could just tell they cared and since then – have already proved how invested they are in my content and audience. Really excited about what we have planned over the months, and even years ahead.”

Amyoony joins  Félix “xQc” Lengyel, who signed a similar deal with Luminosity in October as a content creator. Lengyel’s deal was negotiated by Evolved Talent Agency.

Another consideration when accepting this deal was that he could continue to create the content he wanted to, keeping a positive attitude and being genuine, and interacting with Luminosity’s line-up of content creators, like Lengyel.  

“I get a lot of attention for being family-friendly, but really – it’s not an act,” he said. “I just genuinely prioritize being kind, showing support, and maintaining a positive attitude. With Luminosity, I’m really excited about collaborating with a lot of like-minded creators.”

Amyoony also announced this week the Nick Eh 30 Cup, a Fortnite solos competition officially sanctioned by Epic Games with a $10K USD prize pool. The competition, which begins on Nov. 22, is for the North America East region and has already garnered nearly 77K player registrations.

This is just the first in a series of new events he has planned with Luminosity, including trying his hand at hosting some tournaments in the future.

“Starting with my very own Fortnite Cup on Nov. 22, I’ll be launching more events, announcing entirely new content, and even giving tournament hosting a shot. The next couple of weeks and months promise to be super busy, but I’m really excited to be joining Luminosity and can’t wait to see how fans react to all the fun plans we have in store.”

Earlier this week, Enthusiast Gaming announced its plans to be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. In addition to Luminosity, Enthusiast operates Overwatch League team Vancouver Titans, Call of Duty League franchise the Seattle Surge, and content creation company Omnia Media.