Minimalism at its best: Washington Justice team preview

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After riding the struggle bus for most of their first season in the Overwatch League, the Washington Justice is hoping for a better run in 2020. In 2019, the team struggled to gain the coordination or hero specialties necessary to play the triple support, triple tank composition. When the team’s DPS players were finally allowed to play their specialties thanks to role lock, they had an instant upswing in success. 

Currently, the Washington Justice has one of the smallest rosters, fielding the league minimum of eight players. With a brand new coaching staff and multiple new additions, however, the Justice has a chance to bring back the success they saw at the tail end of last season.  


Washington is likely feeling very lucky to have opted for two main tank players right about now. Early in the offseason, the team acquired Gye “R0ar” Chang-hoon from the Los Angeles Gladiators. R0ar put out steady, consistent numbers for the Gladiators and was a smart pickup for the Justice. 

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