Noble and Premier Jump on Chess Hype Train With New Player Signings

Two more esports organizations have joined the growing online chess craze, with Premier signing ChessCoachNet host Frank Johnson and Noble recruiting National Master James Canty III.

Johnson has been streaming on Twitch since 2017, while Canty launched his Twitch channel in 2018. The players join the likes of Hikaru Nakamura and Alexandra and Andrea Botez among a growing list of chess streamers joining esports organizations. Nakamura signed with TSM last year and the Botez sisters recently became members of Envy Gaming. Most recently, Anna Cramling joined Panda Global, hosting an invitational chess tournament for Super Smash Bros. pros.

Chess began its rise last summer with the launch of the PogChamps influencer tournament series. The third iteration of the competition concluded last month as the most-watched event so far, with the chess category peaking at over 310K concurrent viewers.


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