Riot Games Korea Reveals Valorant Esports Team Support Program

Riot Games Korea announced the Valorant esports team support program, with plans to provide structure and financial incentives to teams in the region. Under the new program, Riot Games Korea will help fund eight teams in South Korea that make it through a rigorous screening process. 

Selected teams can receive up to ₩50M KRW (roughly $45K USD) total three times during the 2021 season (at the start of each stage) if they meet certain requirements, as outlined on the team support program website.

The minimum requirements are (beyond having someone, such as a team owner in charge of enforcing the rules and regulations):

  1. Advance to the Challengers Finals at least once per stage.
  2. Establishment and operation of a camp environment (establishment and operation of a camp environment such as accommodation, computer and equipment, meals and snacks, bedding, and rest area).
  3. A formal contract must be signed with at least five players and at least one coaching staff. Deemed non-compliance with the maintenance requirements.
  4. At least ₩500K ($450) per game, or equivalent compensation, must be paid to all players and coaching staff who competed in each stage (except for online qualifiers).
  5. At least 50% of the total prize money must be distributed to the players and coaching staff participating in each stage.
  6. Twitch and YouTube channels are required to operate, and at least one SNS channel must be separately operated.
  7. Must have at least one secretariat representative, excluding submitted athletes and coaching staff.
  8. All athletes, coaching staff, and secretariat staff must comply with the Valorant esports policy, competition rules, terms, and conditions (service terms, operating policies, etc.). 

For more information, including requirements for applying, visit Riot Games Korea (written in Korean).



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