SAG and iG are the first two eliminated teams at the OGA Dota PIT Season 3: China

With the completion of the China Dota2
Pro Cup Season 1, we headed back to OGA Dota PIT Season 3: China action, with
two teams having their tournament lives ended today.

After PSG.LGD took a strong and
decisive victory at the China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 1 just a few days ago, many
of the teams headed back to playing in another regional event, the OGA Dota PIT
Season 3. For the recent victors, they begun their day going up against Vici Gaming
once again, with the losing team facing an elimination series against Sparking
Arrow Gaming in Group A, while over in Group B, Invictus Gaming were fighting
against Team Aster to remain in the tournament.

Aster and iG were the first two
teams to play things out, with iG having not won a series prior to this – only having
a single game victory over Team Magma in their first series at the event.
Unfortunately for iG, even after putting on a magnificent performance in game
two of the series, they were unable to close anything out in a game with 88 kills
over the near one-hour timing. With that, iG were left without a victory in the
OGA Dota PIT: China event and thus were eliminated.

VG would end up having a
double-dose of Dota 2 action today, beginning the day with a series against LGD
– which ended in the exact same way it did at the recent China Dota2 Pro Cup Season
1 – a loss. The loss placed VG in a series against SAG, where the latter would
be attempting to keep their tournament lives intact and maybe even claim a
single victory. However, that was not to be the case as SAG could not contest
the power of one of the region’s best teams and were promptly eliminated from
the tournament.

Tomorrow we will see the final
day of group stages for the event with LGD taking on Royal Never Give Up, while
EHOME will have a double-headers with Aster followed by Magma, with the teams
fighting for the top seed in each group.

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