Super Smash Bros. Ultimate champion at Evo Japan will receive Nintendo Switch Pro Controller—not money

It is well-known that Super Smash Bros. is not the most profitable esport in the Fighting Game Community, but Evo Japan may be cutting a few too many corners.

Although every other game has a monetary prize, the winner of the Smash Ultimate bracket will not be handed a check but rather a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, according to the Evo Japan website. The other five titles feature cash prize pools that will be split between the top eight players.

Andrew Nestico 🐼🌎📊 on Twitter

Evo Japan first place prize (converted to USD): Street Fighter V: $9000 Tekken 7: $9000 BBTag: $4500 Samurai Spirits: $4500 Soul Calibur VI: $4500 Smash Ultimate: a pro controller Are you kidding me LOL

According to the English prize listings, the player who places first in Ultimate will get a “Nintendo Switch Pro controller (with gold smash mark)” for winning one of the hardest tournaments of the year. Meanwhile, there isn’t even a listing for placements below that, which could mean that no other competitor will receive a prize even if they make it into the top eight. 

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