Team Secret introduces PUBG Mobile roster for 2020

Team Secret unveiled this year’s PUBG Mobile lineup earlier today. After a disappointing performance at the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split 2019 where Secret placed 20th in the SEA league stage, the organization has added three new faces to the team.

The new roster features Kow “BiuBiu” Jiunn Jie, Raymond “iSh0tz” Tan, Aekachai “MADTOI” Areesanan, and Ahmad “Hyqul” Danial Haiqal. BiuBiu will be the captain of the team while Hyqul will be reprising the role of the fragger. ISh0tz will be the sniper and MADTOI will be the support player.

BiuBiu has been a part of Secret’s PUBG Mobile division since its inception in April 2019 and has a lot of experience in international tournaments. With Secret, he placed fourth in the PMCO Spring Split: SEA Championship 2019 and qualified for the PMCO Spring Split Prelims 2019 in Berlin.

ISh0tz previously played for Malaysian squad Yoodo Gank. The team earned direct qualification to the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals 2019 as the host country of the tournament. While many people weren’t expecting much from the team, Yoodo Gank surprised spectators with some amazing plays, which brought them to 11th place at the global finals.

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