Team Vitality, Renault, Stade de France Establish Training Facility

Team Vitality alongside longtime partner the Renault Group have established a new training facility within the Stade de France. The new facility has been set up for the purpose of training Team Vitality competitors, with space to accommodate up to three teams at once. 

As an expansion of its ongoing partnership, Renault has added its name to the facility, dubbed “Renault V.Performance.” Team Vitality will also have access to the Renault Sport Racing factory in Enstone, England, where Renault will provide its expertise to the organization in the form of training bootcamps.

Renault has been a partner of Team Vitality for several years, serving as the title sponsor for the organization’s Rocket League and F1 teams which compete under the name Renault Vitality.

Last year, Team Vitality established a separate facility in Paris dubbed V-HIVE which serves as its headquarters and has space available to the public for community engagement activities.

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