Twitch Versus Provides Tournament Organizers With New Toolset

Twitch announced Wednesday the creation of a suite of competition tools to benefit tournament organizers, players, and fans that goes by the name Twitch Versus. The end-to-end suite of competition tools has been designed to allow organizers using the Twitch platform to create, manage, and stream competitions with their communities in one integrated environment. The closed beta version of these tools launches today.

With competition budgets of all sizes, the needs from one tournament organizer to the next often vary in scope and size. Twitch Versus is looking to “empower communities” by developing these tools and allowing organizations to use them in order to produce competitive gaming events.

Twitch states that its goal is to “get as many of you access as quickly as we can” but will limit the amount of organizations in the beta release.

While no description of the tools was revealed, according to screenshots acquired by The Esports Observer, the tools look to be placed in a hub that allows organizations to aggregate information all into one place. 

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