Week 2 of the 2020 LPL Spring Split ends with RNG's clean sweep over Team WE

Royal Never Give Up ended week two of the 2020 League of Legends Pro League on a high note after taking down Team WE in a clean 2-0 series. 

Top laner Xie “Langx” Zhen-Ying crushed Team WE’s dreams in the first game with an Aatrox pick, finishing with a whopping 11 kills and no deaths. ADC Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung followed Langx’s steps and carried the second game with Aphelios, finishing the game with eight kills and one death only. 

The lane swap away from counter match-ups by RNG in game one allowed them to snowball their solo laners and build an immense gold lead for Langx on Aatrox. Team WE’s early play around the bottom lane for first blood cost them early game tempo and set the pace for the rest of the game in RNG’s favor.

After securing four dragons in a row and obtaining the Mountain Dragon Soul, RNG were able to pick up a free Baron and push the lanes into Team WE’s base. While Team WE tried to go for a desperation play, they were unable to find a single kill and fell to Langx, who managed to pick up a quadra kill to end the game.

Game two started better for Team WE, but after an early play by RNG’s bottom lane, their hopes were crushed once again. 

With the early lead picked up, Betty used his advantage to secure the bottom tower and gain priority over the dragon for his team. After securing the Ocean Dragon Soul and Baron, RNG repeated the scenario from the first game. They started laying siege upon the inhibitor towers of Team WE. A surprise Insec play by RNG’s Lee Sin deleted Team WE’s ADC and allowed Betty to clean up the fight for the win.

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