Yang has been released from Vici Gaming

During the month of August many of the bigger Chinese Dota 2 teams took a break and in this time there have been multiple rumours of players leaving their rosters – and today we see the first change to come out the region as Zhou ‘Yang’ Haiyang departs from Vici Gaming.

In mid-August unconfirmed reports appeared from the Chinese region of massive changes coming to the Vici Gaming Dota 2 roster – with two players slated to have departed from the roster: Zhang “Eurus/ Paparazi灬” Chengjun and Zhou ‘Yang’ Haiyang. These two players, along with two PSG.LGD players were said to move to a new squad, namely Four Angry Men (4AM) but since then, nothing more has really been seen. However, today news appeared from VG as they confirmed the departure of Yang from their roster as his contract has come to an end and not been renewed.

According to a post made via the organisation’s Weibo account, VG respected the wishes of Yang and he will move forward as a free agent for now.

Through thorough communication with the player, with respect for the player’s personal will, we have reached an agreement with Zhou “Yang” Haiyang, and the adjustment is as follows:

The contract of Zhou “Yang” Haiyang, former player at VG.DOTA2, has ended on September 1st. Now his contract is officially terminated, and he will leave the team as a free agent.

Since he joined Vici Gaming in 2015, Yang has always been fighting alongside the team. As an old member of the team, Yang has a profound friendship with VG. Over the 6 years, he grew from a youth at VG.Potential, to a player filled with ambition at VG. Reborn, and even VGJ have seen his struggles and regrets. He finally joined VG naturally thanks to his efforts along the whole journey. He has become the core of the team as well as an indispensable part of Vici Gaming.

Although we are reluctant to see the departure after such a long way together, we sincerely hope Yang can pursue his dreams and realize his wishes. Thank you, Yang, for all the contributions you’ve made for VG. No matter how it goes for you, VG will always stand with you!”

Yang has been with VG since 2015, joining the main squad
after coming up through Vici Gaming Potential, Reborn and even having a stint
on VGJ.Thunder for a short period of time. The offlane player has been
well-known across the world and has helped the VG organisation make a massive push
to being the top team in both the region and the entire Dota 2 scene.

At time of writing, VG’s current roster is the following:

  • Zhang “Eurus/ Paparazi灬”
  • Zeng ‘Ori’ Jiaoyang
  • Xiong ‘Pyw’ Jiahan
  • Ding ‘Dy’ Cong

With the start of September we now are expecting to see a
lot of news from the Chinese region’s top teams as they return from their break
period and we will keep a look out for all the information to bring to you on
where Yang may move to and what is to happen with the likes of VG, LGD and 4am.

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