Control Quentin Tarantino in Steven Spielberg’s lost PC game

If you’ve ever wondered what a FMV game from the mind of Steven Spielberg would look like, wonder no more. Game maker Paolo Pedercini has taken the footage from the 1996 game Steven Spielberg’s Director’s Chair and turned it into a “Bandersnatch-style Choose Your Own Movie.”

The original game, released by Knowledge Adventure and Dreamworks, had Spielberg walk the player through the process of making a movie, from pre-production all the way to the film’s premiere. However, according to Pedercini, the game was a little too realistic, and ultimately didn’t allow the player to exercise much creativity in putting their movie together. But there was enough footage from the movie that serves as the game’s centerpiece — which stars Quentin Tarantino, Jennifer Aniston, and Penn and Teller — for Pedercini to repurpose it.

Pedercini edited all of the footage, as well as adding sounds and music, creating a game that allows players to change the movie as they’re going through it.

Check out Pedercini’s tweet introducing the edited version of the game below, and actually play the game by following this link.

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