Dragon Quest mobile RPG finally coming to the West after five years

Square Enix is bringing its Dragon Quest mobile game, Dragon Quest of the Stars, to the West next year and is accepting registrations to an open beta now.

Dragon Quest of the Stars is not the recently announced Pokémon Go-like mobile game based on Dragon Quest — that’s Dragon Quest Walk — but a role-playing game that was initially released in Japan back in 2015.

Based on the screenshots on the announcement page, it seems like your typical RPG gacha game, but with charming Dragon Quest elements. You’ll make a playable hero and you can team up with AI companions or up to three other people in multiplayer mode. After beating enemies, you’ll be rewarded with materials that you can use to upgrade your characters.

Dragon Quest of the Stars features new artwork from series co-creator Akira Toriyama, and artwork from illustrator Kanahei. Players will communicate with each other using emoji of Slimes and other Dragon Quest monsters designed by Kanahei.

The closed beta test starts on Oct. 30 and goes until Nov. 28, and is only available for Android users. You can apply for the closed beta through the Google Play store. The full game is slated to release in early 2020 on Android and iOS.

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