Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Likely To End In Late April

Fortnite just began Chapter 2 Season 2, a new update themed after espionage between dueling spy agencies. That means a new battle pass and rewards to earn, but just how long you have to complete it is open to speculation. Based on an in-game message, the end of the season appears to be coming in late April.

GamesRadar reports that an in-game message on the refund policy suggests the end-date will be on or around April 30. That date is a Thursday, and the big seasonal updates tend to come on Thursdays. That would also make the current season ten weeks, which is the usual length for a Fortnite season.

This may be subject to change, however. The first season of Chapter 2 was expected to end in late January, which would be 10 weeks after kicking off in October. That date was delayed, however, giving players almost an entire extra month in the prior season. It released on February 20. Epic has not explained the reason behind the delay, so it could always happen again.

The new season features the Ghost and Shadow spy factions. When pursuing the season’s challenges you’ll be presented with a permanent choice to join one or the other, which will then get you access to faction-exclusive cosmetics. We also know that Deadpool will be joining the fray at some point. That’s in addition to the other new cosmetics available with the battle pass.

For some help navigating this new spy vs spy meta, familiarize yourself with how the map has changed. Then check out our challenge guide, locations guide, and phone booth locations to earn your stripes for the week.

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