Fortnite Season 10 Changes How Challenges Work, And Free Players Are Out Of Luck

The start of a new season in Fortnite inevitably brings with it a number of new features and tweaks to the way the popular battle royale title plays. However, the newly launched Season 10, has one of the most significant changes the game has received in quite some time. Developer Epic Games has done away with Weekly Challenges and, in turn, made playing the game without spending money on a premium Battle Pass far less rewarding.

Previously, players could load up Fortnite and see a set of Daily Challenges alongside a set of Weekly Challenges. The Weekly Challenges would have a set of challenges that could be completed by anyone playing the game and another set that was only available to those that purchased a Battle Pass. Now, however, the Daily Challenges seem to have been removed entirely, while the Weekly Challenges have been morphed into themed sets.

Currently, there’s the Rumble Royale and Road Trip set available and, in both cases, the challenges that are included in them are locked entirely behind a Battle Pass. This is a huge change as it effectively locks out Fortnite players that don’t spend money on a Battle Pass from a huge part of the game that they’ve become accustomed to engaging with.

While a free silver tier of the Battle Pass still exists and there are unlockable rewards attached to them, the rewards aren’t nearly as exciting as those available to Battle Pass owners. And unlocking them is done primarily through simply playing the Battle Royale mode to score kills and earn Victory Royales. You can take a look at the difference between challenge availability with and without a Battle Pass above.

Those that purchased the Breakpoint bundle, which includes Daily Challenges that must be completed to earn its rewards, are now finding that the challenges are not available, halting their progress entirely.

Fortnite is a game that is continuously evolving, so it may be that the way challenges work changes in the coming weeks and, similarly, more to do is introduced for those without the premium Battle Pass. GameSpot has contacted Epic for further insight on why these changes were made and if players can expect more free-focused content in the future.

If you want to see all the changes and tweaks, check out the Fortnite Update 10.00 patch notes. We’ve also put together a comprehensive guide on the Season 10 Battle Pass, which includes everything you need to know about what it is, what you get for having one, and making the most of one. For more on the new season, take a look at our Fortnite Season 10 hub, which collects all the pre-releases teases, information on its launch, and details on everything that is new. This hub is being updated regularly, so check back for the latest updates on what’s happening with the game.

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