How To Get Wolverine's Fortnite Skins — Week 2 Challenge Now Live

Wolverine has a special unlockable skin in the Fortnite Season 4 battle pass. Players will need to complete an additional challenge every week in order to unlock the skin and a number of other special cosmetics. Once players complete these challenges they’ll be able to take on Wolverine’s special Awakening Challenges in order to unlock a special emote for the character.

How To Unlock Wolverine’s Skins

Fortnite’s Wolverine skin comes in multiple styles: a standard one with his trademark yellow and blue suit and then a ‘classic’ one with a red and yellow suit. You can also unlock a special loading screen, back bling, weapon skin, icon, glider, and harvesting tool by completing the weekly Wolverine challenges.

Wolverine Unlock Requirements:

  • Wolverine
    • Buy Season 4 Battle Pass
    • Complete all Wolverine challenges
    • Buy Season 4 Battle Pass
    • Unlock the Wolverine skin
    • Complete 10 challenges from Week 5 or 6

    Wolverine Challenges And Rewards

    • Investigate Claw Marks — Berserker Barrage (Spray)
    • Find Loading Screen at Quinjet Patrol Site — Adamantium Slash (Loading Screen)
    • Find Sentinel Head At Dirty Docks — Wolverine’s Tropy (Back Bling)
    • More Challenges TBA

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