How To Play Among Us For Free

Among Us is a popular party game that supports 4-10 players in both local and online multiplayer. Its massive spike in popularity was driven in part by streamers, but also its relative accessibility (with easy crossplay support) and social elements. You’ve no doubt had friends or family asking you to pick up a copy and play with them in the past few months. If the $5 price tag on its PC version has been holding you back, there’s a way to play it for free: just pick it up on mobile. However, there are some extra things to be aware of.

Is Among Us Free to Play?

At the moment, Among Us costs $5 to play on PC via Steam or, but you can play it for free if you have an iOS or Android device. That’s right–Among Us is free on mobile! You can download it from either the App Store or Google Play.

  • iOS (App Store)
  • Android (Google Play)

The free version of Among Us is currently supported by ads, so you must take that into account if you’re playing on mobile.

How to Play Among Us Without Ads

Once you download and launch Among Us on your mobile device, you’ll see a prompt explaining its use of AdMob and data collection. The only way to turn ads and data collection off is to purchase the $1.99 ad-free version, which you can do by tapping “Remove Ads.” Another box showing all the game’s microtransactions will pop up. From here, tap “Remove All Ads” at the very top (if it isn’t already selected), then “Remove All Ads” again on the bottom left. You will then be prompted to select your payment method if you don’t already have one setup by default.

Can You Play Among Us For Free Without Ads?

At the moment, the only way to play Among Us for free and without ads is if the host of your match has purchased the $1.99 ad-free option. That means if you choose to purchase the $1.99 ad-free upgrade, the game will be ad-free for you and your friends whenever you host a game for them. So somebody in your group has to pay up eventually for a complete ad-free experience on mobile.

Does Among Us Have Microtransactions?

Yes, Among Us has microtransactions. You can purchase pets, skins, and hats, all cosmetic items that don’t affect the gameplay at all. A few of these options will be free, but you will have to pay additional money if you want access to more or all of the available cosmetic DLC, even in the paid version on PC. None of the microtransactions affect gameplay.

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