Nintendo Confirms Account Breach Much Larger Than Originally Reported

Back in April of this year, Nintendo confirmed that hackers were attempting to breach Switch accounts, after a wave of users reported receiving unwarranted password reset requests and the like. Previously, the company had confirmed that 160,000 accounts were affected, but now it says that an additional 140,000 accounts may have been accessed, bringing the total number up to 300,000.

According to the publisher, Nintendo has reset the passwords for affected accounts and automatically reimbursed unauthorized purchases. Nintendo is also recommending that users turn on two-factor authentication to prevent future hacking attempts.

The hack originated through Nintendo Network IDs, which are primarily used on the 3DS and Wii U consoles. As a result of the breach, Nintendo has suspended Network ID logins on all of its services, though you can still log in through other methods, such as through a linked Nintendo Account.

Nintendo isn’t the only tech company whose users have fallen victim to hackers in recent months. Last September, Zynga reported that the personal information of as many as 200 millionaccounts might have been exposed in a similar incident. In August, Epic Games was sued by a group of users, who claimed that the Fortnite developer failed to notify users of the breach.

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