Pokemon Go Removes Mega Venusaur From Raids This Week

Mega Venusaur was one of the first three Mega Raid bosses to appear in Pokemon Go after Mega Evolutions were introduced to the game, but it won’t be around for much longer. Developer Niantic announced that Mega Venusaur will be leaving Raid battles this Friday, October 23 (when Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2020 event kicks off), but you’ll have other ways to earn Venusaur Mega Energy.

Following Mega Venusaur’s departure, Niantic says you’ll be able to receive Venusaur Mega Energy as a reward for completing certain Field Research tasks. The studio also teases that it will hold an event next month that will feature exclusive Timed Research tasks, and completing these will likewise net you Venusaur Mega Energy.

Other changes to Mega Evolutions are also coming in November. You’ll be able to earn Mega Energy by walking with your Buddy Pokemon if you’ve Mega Evolved a Pokemon in its line. You can also earn extra Candy when you have a Mega-Evolved Pokemon and catch another monster that has the same type as it. This extra Candy bonus will extend to any Raid boss you catch as well, regardless of its type. You can read more on the official Pokemon Go website.

As previously mentioned, Mega Venusaur is leaving Raids when Pokemon Go’s Halloween 20202 celebration begins. As part of the event, a new Mega-Evolved Pokemon will take its place in Raids: Mega Gengar. You’ll earn Gengar Mega Energy by defeating it and completing Timed Research tasks. A special costumed Gengar will debut as part of the event as well, while the Legendary Pokemon Darkrai will return to five-star Raids.

In the meantime, there are still a few days left to catch Pokemon Go’s current Legendary, Origin Forme Giratina. The Ghost/Dragon Pokemon is appearing in five-star Raids until October 23. There’s also still time to complete October’s Field Research tasks and catch this month’s Research Breakthrough reward, Shedinja.

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