PUBG Mobile Dominates Mobile Revenue Charts For The Fifth Month In A Row

According to Sensor Tower, Tencent’s PUBG Mobile generated the most worldwide revenue during January in the mobile games category. Raking in $176.3 million in user spending, the battle royale game has claimed the number one spot for the past five months. Tencent, in general, is crushing it in mobile games. Its other title on the chart, Honor of Kings, received $151.3 million last month and comes in second place for worldwide revenue produced in January by a mobile game.

PUBG Mobile has undergone meteoric growth. For comparison, it earned four times less in January 2019, according to Sensor Tower, and as of September 2019, PUBG Mobile has increased its growth revenue by 540 percent. Worldwide, it’s the most popular battle royale game and has outperformed many of its competitors, including Fortnite.

PUBG Mobile also landed at fifth place for the most downloaded mobile game in January, proving that its user base is still expanding. As for the composition of the game’s audience, approximately half of PUBG Mobile’s revenue comes from China, as reported by Sensor Tower.

In other interesting chart data, Lilith Games is the only other company to also have two titles in the top 10 revenue-generating mobile games. Rise of the Kingdoms, a MMO strategy game, came in tenth and AFK Arena, a turn-based RPG, came in fourth. They yielded $63.1 million and $88.3 million, respectively. Lilith Games is also a Chinese publisher, with the majority of the two aforementioned games’ revenue generated by a Chinese user base.

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