10 Game Character Clothing Styles I Would Totally Steal (If Everyone Wouldn’t Give Me Funny Looks)

I think if most people were honest with themselves they’d acknowledge that there are a few ways they can bump up their style. As for me, there are more than just a few ways. After all, I only just recently learned about cuffing the ends of my jeans and the value of different kinds of hats.

You could definitely describe my style as visually unique a majority of the time, so it should come as no surprise that I’d totally rock different gaming outfits. Unfortunately, the judgemental stares of society will definitely keep me from donning some of my favorite video game outfits, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving them.

10 Ezio Auditore – Assassin’s Creed

Yeah, the Assassin's Creed robes are a bit much, but it’s hard to deny that they aren’t one of the slickest outfits in video games. Without the iconic hood, and the right dyes, the outfit could become some seriously unique formal wear.

Everyone around might be wondering why I just stepped out of the 1400s, but those robes have to be of the highest quality. Even better, wearing them would probably have anyone feeling like a cool assassin. Unfortunately, the outfit probably just wouldn’t work for any occasion.

9 Tidus – Final Fantasy X

Some might say that bright yellow, a mostly bare chest, and a set of weird tunic-overalls wouldn’t make for a great outfit, but what can I say? Just call me a trendsetter. With some of the strange things that are considered fashionable these days, I think Tidus’ outfit could work.

The single gauntlet and one pant leg being shorter than the other would definitely get me some funny looks, and I’m just too fragile to handle that. Not to mention, you’d gotta have some serious confidence to rock that tiny shirt.

8 Kratos – God Of War

I can’t be the only one that likes to get in touch with their inner Greek God Of War, right? There’s no way the iconic spartan look would fly in pretty much any situation anywhere in the world these days, but we can all dream of a freer life.

Growing out a thick beard to complement the look would have anyone looking battle ready. The problem is, I like service in restaurants, and you know what they say, no shirt, no shoes, no delicious meals that I didn’t have to take the time to make.

7 Liu Kang – Mortal Kombat

You need to be all kinds of confident to bring a look back, and considering I don't think leather vests were ever considered to be in, wearing Liu Kang’s Mortal Kombat outfit might be tough. I think it looks pretty cool (though that might just be due to the wicked fatalities), but I also would never call myself fashionable.

In the right situations, I might not even get stares from every single person in the room. There’s a world out there somewhere in which I’m totally fine being the only guy in the room that looks like a walking anime character, but this world is not it.

6 Snow – Final Fantasy 13

If you are like me, then you know the value of a good jacket. When looking at characters with great jackets, it became a toss-up between Snow and Sephiroth, with Snow winning thanks to the more casual nature of his jacket.

The real issue is that for how much I dig Snow’s outfit, I’m not much of a hat guy. His hat-bandana thing is really a bigger issue than his elaborate jacket and gloves. I’d look like a try-hard biker guy, without any of the added ruggedness needed to not get funny looks.

5 Joker – Persona 5 Royal

No, I’m not referring to Joker's daily outfits in Persona 5, though those likely would have helped me dress far better in high school and even meet some fun side characters. I’m referring to his awesome look when he’s in the Metaverse. I’m not the biggest on leather, but it’s an outfit I’d try out.

The biggest issues are the mask that accompanies the outfit, making it look like I’d be ready for some kind of ancient ball, and the back of the jacket. The way the material cuts off makes it look like a kind of formal wear, something that would probably confuse everyone who saw me.

4 Lloyd Irving – Tales Of Symphonia

It definitely is fair to say that Lloyd's outfit is a lot, but standing out is an important part of fashion, right? I’m seriously asking, I know someone has some tips. Rocking the bright red with the black pants is great, but it’s another situation of looking like a walking anime character.

While that’s not inherently a bad thing, and more people totally should walk around looking like animated characters, most people aren’t ready for that kind of look yet. If How I Met Your Mother’s Ted can be shamed for rocking red cowboy boots, I know I can be shamed for pulling off Lloyd's big red boots.

3 Pagan Min – Far Cry 4

People nowadays probably do wear brightly-colored suits, but even most of those people probably get funny looks outside of celebrities at major events. I’d be willing to wear a bright pink suit, I just don't think society is ready for me to wear a bright pink suit.

There are very few occasions where it would actually work out, and considering I’m not exactly a social butterfly these days, I don’t have all that many occasions to wear a suit like that, no matter how much I admire the style.

2 Link – The Legend Of Zelda

In Breath Of The Wild, Link can choose from tons of different outfit options, but I’m talking about his classic green tunic. I’ve never actually worn a tunic, but it doesn’t look all that different from modern shirts, so I can’t imagine it would be all that strange of a feeling.

I will say that I definitely don’t have the legs to pull off the tightless look, so I’d go for something similar to the Twilight Princess outfit. The issue is, there's really no way not to look like you’re ready for medieval combat, something that means that just like Thanos, the judgemental eyes of strangers is inevitable.

1 Shovel Knight – Shovel Knight

Would you try to pull off a suit of armor? I certainly would. There are tons of fantastic armor sets in the world of gaming, but one of my absolute favorites has to be the armor of Shovel Knight. The light blue with gold trim always looks sharp, but armor doesn’t work in the modern day.

Would it matter that people gave me funny looks? Not really. I’d be in a suit of armor, what would I care? The issue is that I don’t want to be known as the guy who shows up to every party in his best suit of armor. Although, if I started the trend, maybe more people would start wearing armor, and the problem could be avoided altogether.

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