10 Games To Play If You Like The Forest Quartet

The Forest Quartet is a short but compelling puzzle game filled with music and emotional themes. It takes place in a gloomy forest, as the spirit of a deceased singer solves puzzles to help her grieving band members overcome their emotional burdens. With her assistance, the band reunites and can perform one last tribute concert for her.

In a short amount of time, The Forest Quartet creates an engaging atmosphere and an emotional storyline. If you have listened to the band's final performance and are ready to move on to something new, here are some music-focused, puzzle-based, or story-driven games for you to experience next.

10/10 What Remains Of Edith Finch

What Remains Of Edith Finch is a really engaging experience you need to check out if you have not already. It is a walking simulator where you navigate various stories within a sprawling old house. It is a first-person experience, in contrast to The Forest Quartet, but both games are really immersive throughout.

As with The Forest Quartet, this game revolves around reflecting on those we have lost. You learn about a family curse, one that has ensured everyone in the family dies in unexpected, tragic ways. Despite this sad theme, What Remains Of Edith Finch is a calming game full of exploration and reflection.

9/10 The Artful Escape

If you want another game focused on the lives of musicians, be sure to give The Artful Escape a try. Whereas The Forest Quartet was more of a supernatural, spiritual story, The Artful Escape has a more cosmic feel. However, it is still a very narrative and character-driven experience that will engage you throughout. You play as a guitar prodigy who gets caught up in a psychedelic adventure while attempting to decide on their stage persona and work on their insecurities.

As with The Forest Quartet, The Artful Escape is full of memorable lines of dialogue that will stick with you long after youo finish the game. The Artful Escape has lovely music, and impressive visuals that are a must-see.

8/10 Ghost On The Shore

Similar to The Forest Quartet, Ghost On The Shore revolves around a ghost and their impact on the world around them. Instead of playing as the spirit, you play as a woman called Riley, who is urged by a ghost named Josh to uncover the tragic secrets of a beautiful island.

Ghost On The Shore is a first-person explorative game. You get to visit different locations on the island, finding clues about the fate of many of the inhabitants. The game is dialogue-focused as well, as you get to know Josh throughout the story. The choices you make through your conversations will impact the ending and Riley's fate. You can get really attached to the characters in this beautiful game.

7/10 Wandersong

If the final moments of The Forest Quartet had you keen for a game with even more of a focus on music, be sure to check out Wandersong. Wandersong is a rhythm game that revolves around a bard on an epic quest. The gameplay and everything else is focused on music, as you sing to interact with your environment.

It is a far more lighthearted and whimsical game than The Forest Quartet, but it is still full of creative puzzles to solve and lovely music to enjoy. Wandersong might sometimes tug at your heartstrings as it tackles tougher themes beneath the cheerful exterior. It is a bright, vibrant game that is a delight to play.

6/10 The Witness

The Forest Quartet is focused primarily on solving puzzles in a dark, gloomy forest. The Witness offers a brighter contrast to that setting, as you explore an island with breathtaking sights, including multiple forests. This beautiful game is also available on mobile, so you can relax and enjoy it no matter where you are.

It is easy to forget about the puzzles and just relax in the game's world. The puzzles are, of course, intricate and clever. Some of these are similar to The Forest Quartet's style of puzzles. Solving them and unlocking a new area to explore is always satisfying. The game makes you eager to uncover this mysterious island's secrets.

5/10 Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits does not have you play as a ghost as you do in The Forest Quartet. Instead, you play as Kena, a spirit guide who is looking for a specific mountain shrine. You will interact with many fascinating spirits along your journey, aiding them in any way you can.

It's a far larger game to get to grips with than The Forest Quartet, being an epic adventure full of platforming, tense combat, and puzzles to solve. If The Forest Quartet had you eager for more interactions with the spirit world, this is the game for you.

4/10 Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a cozy game full of optical illusions and puzzles to unravel. You play as Ida, the silent princess, attempting to navigate these maze-like islands. Each level has quite a minimalistic art style that creates a relatively relaxed, tranquil atmosphere. You can really take your time with his game, just marveling at the beautiful designs of each level.

As with The Forest Quartet, you play as a mostly silent protagonist, venturing through sometimes quite surreal locations and puzzles. Monument Valley has a little bit of story in the background too, focusing on themes of forgiveness.

3/10 Arise: A Simple Story

Arise: A Simple Story will take you through an emotional narrative focused on grief and loss, just like The Forest Quartet. You had best be prepared for this gripping story, in which your character sets off on an incredible journey, reflecting upon the good and the bad of their memories with a loved one.

The game is gorgeous. Each location you find will leave you awestruck, especially with its music. The gameplay is also fascinating, as you can manipulate time to navigate the various puzzles and obstacles in your path. Arise indeed has a simple story, but like The Forest Quartet, it is one that many can relate to and enjoy in a bittersweet way.

2/10 Bonfire Peaks

As with The Forest Quartet, you'll tackle various puzzles in the forest. In Bonfire Peaks, you are simply a man wishing to burn his belongings. But reaching the bonfire is never simple. You must carry boxes up various platforms in these intricate puzzle islands. As with all puzzle games, it is always rewarding when you crack the solution.

Bonfire Peaks has a beautiful art style. Similar to The Forest Quartet, it explores themes of closure. It is not a story-driven game but will leave you feeling content and reflective. It has a lovely ambiance that keeps things calm and relaxed, even when the puzzles increase in difficulty.

1/10 Gris

Gris offers a different take on grief and loss than The Forest Quartet. You play as a young girl who finds herself lost in her own mind. With the help of her magical dress, she jumps through various beautiful levels as the world often crumbles and fades around her. It is a very atmospheric, enthralling game that will have you hooked from the start.

Gris is a game where color makes a huge impact. Every location you reach fills you with emotion without needing dialogue or text. It is a universal game that anyone can play and enjoy. Just like The Forest Quartet, this game will leave you in a reflective mood. Gris is an incredible journey that you have to experience for yourself.

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