10 Locations In Marvel Snap That Cause Chaos

You never know quite what challenges you'll face when you start a game of Marvel Snap. As each location is revealed, new rules are added to the game that can benefit your strategy, or upend it entirely. A few locations have the potential to set both players scrambling, trying to gain the upper hand while adapting to a suddenly-different situation.

We've chosen the most disruptive locations in the game. These are the ones that make winning harder for both players, but in most cases if you're able to think on your feet you can turn even a disastrous reveal to your advantage!

10/10 The Space Throne

Normally, each player can have up to four cards at each location. The Space Throne restricts players to only one, so you'd better make sure the card you send there is a good one!

If the Space Throne is in the middle, it can also disrupt movement-heavy decks by blocking cards trying to go to the left or right. Be careful not to accidentally move a weak card into your one slot – it's always best to send a powerful character like Hulk or Namor to the Space Throne.

Try to avoid playing any cards to the Space Throne until the final turn – if your opponent claims it first, you'll know how much power you need to take control of it!

9/10 TVA

Typically, you won't play more than one or two cards each turn, since energy is sparse and most cards take up your entire allotment. The fifth and sixth turns are usually when players' strategies come together, forming the combos that will win them the game.

The TVA doesn't allow those combos to happen. If this location is on the board, the game ends after turn four rather than turn six. If it's revealed last, that means you have very little time to secure a win, and you won't be able to play your higher-cost cards at all.

Winning with the TVA in play means doing the best you can with what you have. If you get enough warning, it might be worth holding some cheap cards until turn four to cobble together a combo.

8/10 Danger Room

Whenever a card is played to the Danger Room, there's a one-in-four chance that the card will be destroyed as soon as it resolves. This makes it a gamble to play any cards here – it's much safer to play them elsewhere first then move them to the Danger Room.

You might be asking why the Danger Room is more disruptive than Death's Domain, which always destroys cards played to it. Simply put, with Death's Domain you always know what you're getting. The Danger Room's unpredictability is what makes it… well, dangerous! It's entirely possible for one player to get lucky, avoiding unnecessary losses, while the other watches their heroes get zapped one after the other.

7/10 Oscorp Tower

It can be smart to play cards to unrevealed locations, especially if the first location revealed is less than ideal. The biggest danger in this strategy is that you'll find your characters stuck in Oscorp Tower.

At the end of turn three, all cards at Oscorp Towerswitch sides. It's best to avoid this location until after that happens, at which point the tower is no longer a threat.

6/10 Jotunheim

Cards at Jotunheim permanently lose one power at the end of each turn. The longer a card is there, the worse the situation becomes, especially since cards can have negative power.

If you can, avoid Jotunheim until the final turns of the game, and only play cards with high power that can afford to lose a point or two

5/10 Subterranea

When Subterranea is revealed, both players get five Rock cards shuffled into their decks. Rocks have a power of zero, so drawing one instead of a card that's actually useful limits the consistency of your deck. There are a few cards that can combo with Rocks, but they'd always be better off with an actual character.

Since a deck is only twelve cards, adding five Rocks makes it very likely that you'll draw one or more over the course of the game. If it's revealed on turn three, that means that nearly half of your remaining deck is dead weight!

4/10 Hala

Games can be won or lost by controlling Hala. At the end of turn four, the player with the least power at Hala loses all their cards there. This forces players to make a decision early in the game; go into a risky, all-or-nothing arms race over Hala, or concede the location to your opponent.

Cards that provide benefits when they're destroyed can salvage a lost Hala, but if two or more of your cards are destroyed here it may be best to retreat.

3/10 Worldship

When Worldship is revealed, both of the other locations on the board cease to exist. Any cards played to those locations are destroyed, and Worldship becomes the only playable location for the rest of the game. Even if Worldship is transformed into a different location, the destruction is not undone.

Worldship turns the game into a race to control a single area with limited space. Movement is no longer an option, and any cards that were already played there will be hard to remove. If you don't have room to play high-power cards, your opponent could easily take control of Worldship in the final turn.

2/10 District X

District X turns the game into a complete free-for-all. When it's revealed, both players have their decks replaced with a random assortment of ten cards. The cards you get are completely up to the whims of fate.

On the bright side, your opponent is in the same position. The most consistency you'll have is in the cards that you drew before District X appeared, so try to use them in conjunction with your new deck.

1/10 Ego

This mercifully rare location takes the game's outcome out of the players' hands entirely. When Ego is in play, both players' turns are controlled by the AI.

In this situation, all you can do is Snap or retreat. How confident are you in your deck? Is it good enough that Ego can use it to win you the game? However it turns out, when Ego appears you're sure to be telling your friends about the match afterwards.

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