10 Tips To Make An Overpowered Character In Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a smaller-scale follow up to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, created by Insomniac Games. This game follows the early days of Miles Morales’ superhero career as he takes over protecting New York City while Peter Parker is away.

One of the many things that make this game incredible is it makes Miles Morales’ unique without neglecting his Spider-Man roots. His powers aren’t the same as that of Peter Parker’s but he also feels very familiar if you’ve played the previous Spider-Man game. Miles Morales is very powerful and there are things you can do to make sure his powers reach their maximum potential.

10 Complete Your Spider-Training Early

Peter Parker may not be in this game entirely, but his presence and assistance are felt all throughout the game. One of the ways Peter makes sure Miles is ready to protectNew York in his absence is to continuously train him — even when he’s not in New York anymore.

There are a total of nine training challenges scattered across the map. Three each for combat, stealth, and traversal. Complete these challenges and you’ll be rewarded upgrades each time you complete one.

9 Stop Crimes When They Pop Up

As a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, one of the things you’ll need to actively watch out for is to ensure your neighborhood’s safety. For that, you’ll have to stop crimes as soon as they appear on your screen.

As you swing around New York City, you’ll occasionally encounter ongoing crimes which you can stop then and there. Stopping these crimes will grant you XP and materials that will help upgrade your tools and gain new suits. You can also check the Spider-App to check if there are any crimes reported by citizens.

8 Prioritize Your Venom Power

Miles Morales’ venom power is one of the things that make him entirely different from Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. Unlike the latter, Miles is capable of harnessing bioelectricity which he can use to immobilize his enemies and shut down enemy equipment.

Your venom powers come in different forms and attacks. You can gain access to them via upgrades in the abilities menu. Prioritize your venom powers and unlock them first as this power is the most useful in combat, especially since you can get crowded by enemies more often than not.

7 Area Of Effect Attacks

This game loves to throw you with multiple enemies. Whether you’re doing a main mission, infiltrating a Roxxon lab, or an Underground hideout, you will encounter enemies that may seem more than you can handle. This is where AOE attacks come in.

Area of effect attacks is very essential in this game. This can come in the form of venom attacks, web throws, and enemy yanks. You can also gain an ability where electrified enemies create a shockwave upon impact when you throw them. Use these attacks consistently when you’re faced with multiple enemies and you should be able to take them down more quickly.

6 Know Your Suit Mods

Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the previous Spider-Man game are different in their own ways, but one of the things that make both similar is the inclusion of suit mods. Suit mods are helpful bonuses that can aid you in combat, stealth, and traversal, and there are quite a few you can pick from in this game. There are also visor mods which are equally as helpful.

You can only equip two suit mods and two visor mods at a time so be sure to pick ones that are best for you. The Venom Momentum makes use of your venom powers aptly, allowing you to apply Venom Stun after every sixth hit in a combo. Power Transfer allows you to convert Camouflage energy to Venom power. There are more you can choose from, be sure to get to know them.

5 Attack Hideouts And Labs

There are many things you can do before or after you finish the game’s main campaign. One of the things that are sure to make you busier is to take care of Underground hideouts and Roxxon labs.

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Infiltrate and attack these locations and you’ll receive much-needed XP and gain various materials to craft new suits and upgrade your abilities. You will also receive a very cool suit after you complete all of these locations. Be sure to take the time to take care of these places.

4 Camouflage Can Be Used For More Than Just Stealth

Another power Miles Morales has that Peter Parker doesn’t is his ability to turn invisible. While initially seeming like an impulse reaction, Miles later learns how to control this power so he can use it to protect New York better and defeat his enemies.

The camouflage mechanic is very useful in stealth missions. It will allow you to take down an enemy and camouflage immediately to avoid engaging everyone in the area head-on. However, camouflage can be used in close combat as well. You can camouflage yourself after taking down one opponent to confuse opponents. There’s also an upgrade that allows you to trigger a blinding light, stunning opponents around you.

3 Use Your Gadgets

The Spider-Man superhero has gotten very technologically advanced throughout the years. The superhero used to rely mainly on his own powers, with his webbing as his most technological equipment, but he has slowly integrated technological tools in his arsenal to aid him in his superhero endeavors.

Miles Morales is very similar in this aspect. Miles only has four different gadgets in his arsenal, but each one of them are helpful in their own right. He has the web-shooters, helpful for incapacitating enemies and creating distractions, the Holo Drone which assists in combat, the Remote Mine, also helpful in combat and stealth, and the Gravity Well, useful for dealing with multiple enemies at once.

2 When You Look Good, You Feel Good

If you want to feel overpowered in this game, you have to look the part. There are a total of 19 suits you can equip in this game, each of them has a distinct look and cool factor. On top of that, many of these suits also come with a suit mod you can use in combat.

Many of these suits will automatically unlock as you progress through the main campaign. Others you’ll need to look harder and meet specific requirements. Collect as many activity tokens and tech parts as you can to unlock as many suits as you can.

1 Practice Perfect Dodges

If you want to feel like an ultimate spider-powered superhero in the world of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you’ll need to make use of one of Spider-Man’s most popular powers — his spider-sense.

Once you complete the combat challenges provided by Peter Parker, you’ll have access to the Perfect Dodge skill. This will allow you to one-hit enemies after you perform a perfect dodge. Perfect dodges are done by evading at the last second, indicated by the red highlight right before an enemy’s attack lands. Master this skill and you’ll be as overpowered as Miles can be.

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