12 Classic Intellivision Games Are Coming To Evercade

The retro handheld Evercade is getting even more classic games this fall with a collection of old school Intellivision titles. Three of the 12 have been announced by Evercade. This collection will be the first of two coming from the classic gaming company. The second 12-pack set will be releasing sometime in 2022.

The three games of the 12 we know that are in the collection so far are Night Stalker, Astrosmash, and Frog Bog. The other nine will be announced at a later date. The Evercade’s cartridges are typically $19.99, so we’re assuming it’s the same case with this collection as well.

Night Stalker

This game sees you exploring a cave system, taking out all sorts of creatures like bats, spiders, robots, and skeletons along the way. It looks like a neat take on Pac-Man. Like many games of that time, it’s primitive in gameplay style but did present a few graphical leaps for the medium, such as the skeletons’ bones fumbling in the air with a shot of a gun. The game also had an Apple II and IBM PC release.


This shooter was one of Intellivision’s best selling games at the time. In a similar style to Space Invaders, players must shoot flying objects with a cannon. The gameplay seems unremarkable for today’s standards, but players from 1981 have fond memories of their time with Astrosmash.

Frog Bog

Frog Bog is yet another simple concept that gives memories to folks who played the game back in the day. With a three minute timer, you must catch and eat as many flies as possible. With precise platforming, you need to make sure you don’t fall into the pond water below. This is a weird pick for a portable system, as the game would be more fun with another player, as two competed for the most flies eaten in the time limit. However, the system can be outputted on the TV via an HDMI port if need be. 

The Evercade portable system was initially released back in May last year with over 120 games available for purchase. It’s had some big names jump on board like Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Double Dragon, Asteroids, and Earthworm Jim, plus many more. In May 2021, the classic Worms series is coming to the system; Worms, Worms: Armageddon, and Worms Blast are all coming in one cartridge. Despite its niche audience, the console is still seeing a steady wave of releases. You can pick up an Evercade and an Atari Starter Pack for $79.99 from Amazon.

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