15 Pokemon That Are Basically Evil Incarnate

While on the surface the Pokemon world appears to be this kid-friendly place full of quirky and interesting monsters to capture and fight with, there lies a darker, viler reality. For every cute and cuddly Pokemon, there are monsters that stalk humans, strip people of their free will, and consume the living.

While some might frown on the exploitation of critters to fight for mankind’s amusement, it becomes clear that Pokemon also serve as protection against the more evil and frightening monsters that exist in the Pokemon world.

Updated: March 1st, 2021 by Meg Pelliccio: Pokemon fans around the world are rejoicing at the news that not only are we getting Diamond and Pearl remakes, but we’re also getting the feudal “premake” Pokemon Legends Arceus. With each new generation of Pokemon games that are released, fans are treated to a host of new Pokemon to fall in love with.

Of course, there’s also a decent number of Pokemon who are added that are absolutely terrifying. Even if they look deceptively innocent by design, it’s often their Pokedex entries that reveal their true, horrifying nature.

15 Drifloon

Drifloon is undeniably adorable as it appears as a cute little balloon with heart-shaped hands. However, this Ghost/Flying-type Pokemon is nastier than it looks. Though it has the sad backstory of being created by the spirits of people and/or Pokemon, that doesn’t excuse it for abducting children.

Though its Pokedex entry states that when it tries to abduct children, it often ends up getting pulled around by the child instead, there are other Pokedex entries that attribute it as the culprit behind the sudden disappearance of many children.

14 Gengar

Though Gengar is a fan-favorite Pokemon, this Ghost/Poison-type Pokemon might not share the warm sentiment. This Pokemon is known to curse people, it attacks travelers when they are lost in the mountains, and hides in people’s shadows to drain their life.

In one of its more twisted Pokedex entries, it is explained that Gengar was once human and what humanity remains in it makes it yearn for a traveling companion. Unfortunately, the way it goes about trying to achieve this is by killing other people.

13 Cacturne

Cacturne is Grass/Dark-type Pokemon that has a creepy, yet vague Pokemon entry that implies it’s particularly bad-natured. The vagueness actually adds to the scary factor when it comes to this Pokemon. One of its Pokedex entries states that “Packs of them follow travelers through the desert until the travelers can no longer move.”

When this is coupled with another Pokedex entry that states, “It becomes active at night, seeking prey that is exhausted from the day’s desert heat.“, this leads us to believe that the travelers it stalks are in fact its prey…

12 Gorebyss

The cute, pink Water-type Pokemon Gorebyss might look super innocent, but it has a very dark nature behind that sweet facade. Fortunately, in this situation, this snake-like Pokemon is only evil towards other Pokemon and not people.

Even its own Pokedex entry refers to it as “cruel” as it uses its long nose to stab into other Pokemon and then drain them of their bodily fluids, killing them in the process. Considering that the Pokedex also states that it feeds on seaweed, it seems like this predatory fish has other ways to survive rather than cannibalizing other Pokemon.

11 Mimikyu

Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy-type Pokemon that looks adorable but has one of the evilest backstories hidden away in its Pokedex entry. While on the surface it appears that this rather cute Pokemon just wants to look like Pikachu, it actually has a rather nasty nature.

Aside from the fact that anyone who gets a glimpse of its true form is cursed to die a horrible death, Mimkyu will also mercilessly attack anyone who breaks the neck of its fake Pikachu costume.

10 Dusclops

This one-eyed cyclops has a rather frightening anatomy. It is said there is a black hole of sorts that lies within its body and anyone who tries to look at it will be sucked inside and will never return. Admittedly, while eerie, this doesn’t exactly make it evil, but Dusclops also possesses the ability to hypnotize foes using its eye and can make them do its bidding.

It’s unsettling to think how many people might have become hypnotized by this monster, and then ordered to gaze into the spectral ball of fire that lies within and then be lost forever to the void.

9 Honedge

Honedge is a Steel/Ghost Pokemon that bears a striking resemblance to a sword. It’s said to be created when a lost spirit possesses a regular sword. This haunted sword will then lie in wait for someone to come along and pick it up, thinking it’s a sword. When that poor soul gets a grip on the handle Honedge wraps its blue cloth around their arm refusing to let go until it’s drained their life force.

If this were a mindless creature doing what it needed to survive that would be one thing, but this is a haunted sword, meaning a spirit (probably a human one) decided to inhabit the steel blade and is now actively sapping people of their energy.

8 Guzzlord

Standing 18 feet tall, this Dark/Dragon behemoth has a voracious appetite and is said to be constantly eating. Pokemon Sun reveals that it will eat essentially anything and has been known to consume “mountains” and “whole buildings”.

It’s also said this creature never leaves any droppings, meaning that this thing is either burning a ton of calories or it doesn’t possess a standard digestive system and is merely eating buildings for the sake of it. Either way, this Pokemon is capable of mass destruction as it fills its gob with whatever it comes across.

7 Banette

Banette is a Ghost-type Pokemon that is said to have once been a plush doll that was abandoned by a child. It obtained life in some manner and now seeks revenge on the owner who threw it away. As if the thought of a Chucky-esque doll wasn’t scary enough, they also mutilate themselves with pins to build energy for curses that they want to lay on opponents.

These fiends will dwell in garbage dumps and dark alleys during their wanderings and will not stop until they find the one who abandoned them. Needless to say, the Pokemon universe has a much more frightening take on abandoned toys than Toy Story 2 ever did.

6 Litwick

Litwick is a Ghost/Fire-type Pokemon that was likely inspired by Will-O-Wisps. These little candles will shine a bright light when Pokemon or humans are around and supposedly guide them to safety. In reality, these poor souls will have their life essence drained away by the light.

Again, before you think this is just a survival mechanism, Litwicks need this life force to act as fuel for their lights so they can mislead more living beings. Being ghosts they don’t need the energy for themselves or to stay alive, and are using it exclusively to ensnare even more prey.

5 Palossand

A Ghost/Ground Pokemon, Palossand appears to be an innocent sandcastle, but in reality, is a voracious monster with frightening abilities. Each grain of sand is sentient and cooperates to possess people to mold them into a more appealing form, like a sandcastle, before draining the person of their life essence and storing their bones beneath them. They can even conjure up sandstorms to disorient their opponents before an attack.

It’s scary to think how many sandcastles on the beach aren’t really a child’s creation, but are actually an evil Pokemon lying in wait for someone to make it bigger and more beautiful, before feeding on them and adding their bones to its collection.

4 Froslass

An Ice/Ghost-type Pokemon, Froslass has a tragic backstory. It’s said to have originated from a woman who died on an icy mountain and was reborn as this Pokemon. Before you go feeling sorry for it, this Pokemon utilizes its powers over ice to freeze anyone it finds interesting or attractive and takes them to its lair to serve as decorations.

On top of this eerie habit of collecting and decorating its home like an Ed Gein wannabe, this Pokemon is said to feed on the souls of men and “relishes” it. No tragic backstory could ever justify the psychotic behavior this Pokemon has.

3 Nihilego

Finally a break in the Ghost-type Pokemon parade, Nihilego is an Ultra Beast Rock/Poison-type Pokemon that is called the “Parasite Pokemon” and for good reason. This Pokemon has been seen to behave similar to a little girl, perhaps to aid it in infecting people with a mysterious neurotoxin. The neurotoxin is said to drive people to become violent.

This rabies-inducing Pokemon also feeds off of those it infects, be it people or other Pokemon. No doubt the inhabitants of the Pokemon world are very wary of strange Pokemon behaving like little girls wandering the streets.

2 Gourgeist

This Ghost/Grass Pokemon may seem like a cute creature riding a jack-o-lantern, but in reality, it’s one of the more vile and evil Pokemon on the list. This creature will wander the streets at night during new moons and sing an eerie song that will curse anyone who hears it.

If that doesn’t sound so bad, it’s also important to note that it will snare its prey with its large hair-like arms and sing joyfully while it watches them struggle. This Pokemon delights in death and misery so much so that it sings. This raises the frightening question of why it joyfully sings every new moon.

1 Giratina

While some might argue that the Pokemon on this list are acting out of survival and not evil intent, there is no question that the Ghost/Dragon-type legendary Pokemon Giratina is evil incarnate. Created by the god of the Pokemon universe, Arceus, Giratina was so violent that Arceus banished it to the Distortion World, a place said to be on the reverse side of the real world.

With a backstory eerily similar to the devil himself, Giratina is the definition of evil incarnate as it resides in its chaotic dimension silently watching the actions of humans and Pokemon alike, waiting.

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