32 No Man’s Sky Players Met On A Single Planet

The universe just got a bit more crowded, as No Man’s Sky on next-gen consoles lets up to 32 players band together to explore the vast beyond. One Twitter user marked the occasion by bringing several dozen of their friends together – showing just how insane things can get when you pack all those people onto a single planet.

Up until the launch of Xbox Series X, only PC players could enjoy the chaos of having 32 people on-screen at a time. Consoles were originally limited to 4, but a subsequent update doubled that number to 8. Now, with the arrival of next-gen platforms, you can finally experience the 32-player chaos from the comfort of your couch.

Although the Twitter user who posted the below images was running No Man’s Sky on PC, he was playing with some folks over on Series X. His full stream is rather impressive, too, giving you a look at just how insane things can get when you jam 30+ astronauts onto a single planet. You can check out the images below, and the full stream is available here:

Multiplayer barely existed in No Man’s Sky just four years ago. Now, you’re free to explore the universe with dozens of other people, turning the game into something much more enjoyable. The Next Generation update comes with a lot more than an increased player count. You’ll also be able to enjoy graphical enhancements such as richer worlds full of flowers, grasses, and other flora, more in-depth base construction, and increased resolution and frame rate. PS5 owners can also take advantage of haptic feedback while using the Multi-Tool to mine resources or slot a building piece into position.

All of your save data from current-gen platforms will carry over to next-gen consoles, so there’s no need to worry about losing years of progress in the transition. Without a doubt, No Man’s Sky is off to a strong start on Series X, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for the ambitious title.

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