343 Industries Hides Halo 5 Audio Log In Latest Blog Post

The Halo Infinite dev team’s recent update apparently has a hidden message for fans of the series. In a brief showcase, one Redditor noticed something fishy and extracted an audio log from Halo 5, containing a dialogue between major characters from the previous entry.

343 Industries held another Inside Infinite installment recently, showcasing development progress and sharing more intel on Halo Infinite’s new setting, Zeta Halo. However, what’s most interesting, is that 343 seems to have placed a secret audio log in the post that could easily be missed. In a brief clip, Master Chief and Dr. Halsey discuss a new threat from Cortana. Master Chief asks about the plan, while Dr. Halsey points out that everyone is going into survival mode again. Presumably, this dialogue takes place only a bit after Halo 5’s ending.

While nothing of great importance can be extracted from this dialogue, fans of the Halo series perceived this twist as a direct hint to what Halo Infinite’s story will be about. Originally 343 Industries indicated Halo Infinite would be something of a soft reboot for the franchise, with little to no connections to Halo 5: Guardians at all. With this new tease, players are now expecting Infinite to develop events depicted in Halo 5 for better or worse.

Halo 5: Guardians was a controversial entry to the series, though many fans were intrigued by the game’s plot twists. Some Redditors did express their joy after speculating 343 may not scrap that story entirely. The community also speculated that this log is one of many fans will be able to retrieve in Halo Infinite’s open world.

343 Industries was scheduled to release Halo Infinite last year, but those plans were delayed after fan reactions. Since showing the campaign in July, the team has been continuously working to improve the graphics and the lighting of Infinite. The studio previously confirmed that Halo Infinite’s content is fully complete, and the remaining time will be spent on overall improvements to the game.

Halo Infinite is expected to release this Fall on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. The new shooter will be instantly available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers as well as other projects from Microsoft studios.

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