5 Bowser’s Fury Tips You Should Know Before Playing

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is finally available today, and believe me, you’re not ready for how cool Bowser’s Fury is. Bowser is massive, so is the locale of Lake Lapcat, and there is just so much for you to explore and find I don’t know where to begin. You should look everywhere, by the way, for hidden Cat Shine Shards and more. See, that’s a bonus tip before I even get into the ones I have written down below, to illustrate how much there is to see and do.

This slice of game can be fairly short, but it hides 100 Cat Shines to find, and Lake Lapcat itself feels like one of the larger areas from Super Mario Odyssey, with just as many hidden secrets to find. If you’re willing to take on the challenge, then just scroll through our tips below for a helping hand.

Replaying Levels For More Cat Shines

Once you’ve cleared a stage and grabbed a Cat Shine, that doesn’t mean it’s over. Return to the beginning of the level where the kitty-shaped gate is, and walk through it once more. You will likely be given yet another objective, this could be to carry a key through the level, collect blue coins, defeat enemies, or any number of other remixed objectives. Some levels have many different objectives to attempt, so don’t leave an island straight after grabbing the first Cat Shine.

Scaring Away Fury Bowser

Fury Bowser is very cool indeed, but he can get in the way as you attempt to collect Cat Shines. If you want to get rid of him, he will actually leave if you manage to acquire a Cat Shine. Just explore the stages hard enough and you will inevitably find a Cat Shine, which will scare Fury Bowser away.

Using Fury Bowser’s Attacks For More Cat Shines

There are loads of shiny blocks with Bowser’s face on across Lake Lapcat, and these can only be destroyed by Fury Bowser himself. Stand next to them or behind them as Bowser attempt to blast you with his Godzilla-like explosive breath, and he will destroy the bricks. This will often uncover switches, new areas, objectives, or just a hidden Cat Shine.

The Power-Up Stockpile

Collecting new power-ups in Bowser’s Fury will actually make Bowser Jr. stockpile them for you, and he will hold dozens – up to five of each kind. If you’re ever running low on health, just as Bowser Jr. to give you a new power-up by pressing up on the D-Pad to pause the game, and then select which power-up you’d like. You’ll have plenty of Super Mushrooms, so feel free to use and abuse them.

Make Use Of The Map

The map (Minus button) will show you where all of the different islands are across Lake Lapcat, and more importantly, you’ll get markers which show you where objectives are that you are yet to complete or even attempt. Remember, there are a total of 100 Cat Shines across Lake Lapcat, and it will take you a long time to actually collect them all, so using the map will be essential to finding everything, especially when Fury Bowser has been defeated and you’re mopping up the remainders for completion.

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