5 Things That Make No Sense In Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction, a spin-off of the wildly successfully and much-loved Rainbow Six Siege, is about a task group known as REACT (Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team). REACT, a group of characters from Siege, are tasked with researching and eliminating the Archaeans, a lethal alien parasite that is slowly taking over the world. Of course, the Rainbow team isn't about to let that happen and you must take part in solo or multiplayer tactical incursions.

While the terrifying lore that has been built around Rainbow Six Extraction is certainly interesting, it really doesn't make a lot of sense overall. The great thing about games is that they are generally created with the idea of suspending disbelief and that is very true in the case of Extraction. While the game itself is quite fun and offers a deep about of content, not everything makes a ton of sense as you dive further into the experience.

5 How Did No One See This Coming?

Rainbow Six Extraction starts off with an opening cinematic showing the Statue of Liberty island getting swallowed up by the extensive alien parasite. It seemed to just magically come through the island and into every crevice of the location, reaping destruction and chaos. It's clear that the aliens in the game, the Archaeans, have been planning this for a long while now, especially since outbreaks happened all across the world simultaneously.

While all of this sets up a pretty interesting and harrowing narrative, it doesn't really make much sense. How is it that in a day and age of technology that can determine every little change in the geography of a location, not one single scientist or specialist knew this was going to happen? Plus, this Archaean parasite had to have arrived through the water in order to make it to the island right?

4 REACT Was Sure Built And Staffed Quickly

The tactical research unit within Rainbow is known as REACT in this game and they make up a large majority of the operators from Rainbow Six Siege. The creation of a new unit makes a lot of sense when facing the torrent of misery that the Archaean parasite is causing across the globe, however, how did it get set up so quickly? It seems that in a matter of just hours or days an entire specialized vessel was created just outside of the Statue of Liberty island.

The opening cinematics clearly shows a team that is well-bolstered, meticulous, and ready to research right away. This can't just be a coincidence. The part that truly boggles the mind is that this large REACT research ship is just offshore of the Statue of Liberty island but it is seemingly untouched by the parasite. How is that even possible given it clearly had to move through water at some point?

3 Are The Archaeans Really That Advanced?

Given the immense chaos the Archaean parasite is causing all across the world, it would seem that this terrifying alien colony is well-equipped and incredibly advanced. However, is that really the case given how easily they can be taken down by human measures? As an example, the Archaeans are able to be bested with a few simple bullets from traditional guns that the REACT operators use in their incursions.

If the Archaeans are so advanced, enough to bring about a terrible scourge across the world, shouldn't they have known they would be fought against with traditional weaponry? Sure, REACT does research constantly in order to create special equipment, but it still doesn't quite explain why the aliens can be taken down so efficiently.

2 Staying In The Comfort Zone

Gameplay in Rainbow Six Extraction mostly comes down to exploring a few different self-contained zones which essentially act as multi-part stages known as incursions. The incursions can be played solo or with a small team. One of the silliest aspects of the game is how the Archaean parasite is just nicely contained to these small areas, not branching out rapidly through the cities and countryside.

It's actually quite strange that the aliens in this game are able to decimate sections of the world but somehow only infect a tiny little area which act as the incursion stages. Yes, REACT has done some quick work at containing the larger infections, but it still doesn't quite add up that it mostly stays localized to specific areas.

1 That Stasis Material Doesn't Make Much Sense

One of the major gameplay aspects in Extraction is how a fallen REACT operator is covered in disgusting yellow, pustule-like stasis material upon being knocked down in a match. At this point the operator is considered MIA (missing in action) by the REACT higher-ups. It's up to you and your team to recover these stasis-covered members in order to save their lives to give them another fighting chance against the Archaeans.

How in the world does this material even work and how did it get researched so darn quickly? While this very well could have been a special research and development project prior to the events in Extraction, it seems quite clear it was designed with the specific intention of saving REACT operators in the event they fall to the Archaeans. This stasis goo-like material quickly forms around a fallen operator to protect them from the parasite, however, it's not quite explained that well in the game.

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