7 Things To Do After You’ve Completed Your Daily Quests In Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is a beautifully adorable life-sim by Spry Fox that allows players to take on the role of a Spirit Scout. Arriving on the ghostly island of Cozy Grove, players must help out their spectral bear neighbors to help the island grow and restore some much-needed light and life to the place.

However, Cozy Grove gameplay is time-gated, meaning that you can only progress the storyline so far each day before the island residents and your trusty companion Flamey tell you to check back in the next day. Unless you fancy time-traveling by changing your system date, you might find yourself wondering what you can do when all the daily tasks have been done. We’ve compiled a list of some of the activities you can do once you’ve finished all bear requests for the day.

Farm for Money/Resources

You can farm for money and resources using whichever tools you have unlocked, selling anything you don’t need to Mr. Kit, or donating to Captain Snout’s Collection. The spots for gathering respawn all the time, so you can keep digging up holes, rifling through leaf piles, collecting shells, or fishing.

The further you have progressed in the game, the larger your island will be, so you’ll have more types of resources to gather from and more tools with which to do this. As well as being able to dig up money, you can offload any unwanted items to Mr. Kit to make a load of money too.

Upgrade Mr. Kit’s Shop

Once you’ve earned enough money from farming various items and coins, you can choose to upgrade Mr. Kit’s store, meaning that’ll he have even more items available for purchase each day.

There are multiple upgrades available for Mr. Kit’s shop, so even if you’ve already upgraded, you can save up to expand the shop’s stock even further. However, just be aware that when you do purchase a Store Upgrade Catalog, Mr. Kit will close his shop for the rest of the day in order to complete his upgrade.

Upgrade Your Tent

Mr. Kit’s shop isn’t the only thing you can upgrade either. You can choose to upgrade your tent by speaking to Flamey, which will expand your storage space and increase the color/light range of your camp. Farming money to complete the upgrades for your tent is definitely an easy way to spend an hour or so in Cozy Grove.

Storage is additional inventory space that can be accessed by speaking to Flamey. While this isn’t as useful as your on-hand inventory, it’s a good place to store any items you don’t need right away without them clogging up your inventory.

Fill Captain Snout’s Collection

From the second day onwards, you’ll be able to contribute to Captain Snout’s item collection. Captain Snout collects most items that you can find or create on the island other than actual decorations. His item collection includes fish, shells, cooking ingredients, cooked meals, crafting ingredients, and flowers.

Each time you donate a new item, Captain Snout will reward you with coins or gemstones. Don’t forget you can burn items using Flamey to create new kinds of items that you can also donate.

Earn Badges

As a Spirit Scout, you will earn badges for many of the tasks that you complete on the island. Earning badges is a great way to make money as you are rewarded with a decent number of coins for each badge that you obtain. You just have to check out your badge menu to claim your rewards.

While some of the badges are story-related, there are still plenty of others that you can work on earning that are related to crafting, gathering, selling items, and more.

Hunt Down New Crafting Recipes

As you play the game, you will eventually unlock crafting via Jeremy Gruffle and then later on you get access to more things, such as baking via Valentina Oso-Fisher. You will earn crafting recipes through the storyline and completing quests for your bear friends, however, you can also discover new recipes by doing various tasks such as fishing or digging up holes.

Once you find a new crafting recipe, you must select it in your inventory and select the “Learn” option to add it to your repertoire. Hunting down crafting recipes will come naturally to you if you are already spending a decent amount of time gathering items and money.

Feed Imps to Get Rewards

As you begin to bring the island back to life, spreading out light and color, you’ll notice strange little creatures called imps that run away from you when you approach them. After a day or two, some imps will have a little speech-bubble above their heads with an item that they want.

If you manage to find the item they want (either from gathering, crafting, or purchasing from Mr. Kit’s shop) then you can feed it to the imp to get a reward. However, don’t try and hand it to them, they’ll just run away. Instead, you need to select the item to hold it in your hand and then throw it to the imp in the same way you would cast your fishing line.

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