8 Things That Make No Sense In Harvestella

Harvestella is a game about making friends, figuring out why an angel girl is following you, saving the world from Geist, trusting the people he worked beside who are hiding secrets, and time traveling, but it’s really teleporting. With all of this together, it’s no doubt that the story of Harvestella can get a bit confusing.

Despite that, the world of Harvestella is unique, interesting, and fun to spend time roaming around in. The story, at times, is sad, funny, and exciting, with hours of content to enjoy and lots of replayability. However, there are moments when the story becomes too expansive and convoluted. Some characters are brought into the story for seemingly no reason, details don’t make sense, and quests can lead to confusing conclusions.

This article contains spoilers for the entirety of Harvestella.

8/8 Evil Omens

From the very beginning of the game, the one thing that is drilled into your mind is that Omens, the tall creatures in black armor from head to toe, are evil and not to be trusted. This can be shown throughout the game with side quests and occasional interactions where many villagers talk about how Omens are studying humans to kill them all off for good.

However, it is proven time and time again that Omens are good and are only there to benefit humanity. It’s strange how there is this notion that Omens must be evil, but then NPCs turn around and blindly trust them. After Aria crashes in her crystal ship, the villagers think she is an Omen. These same people are then willing to let that supposed Omen live with your character, despite the risks.

7/8 Corrupted Omens

When we initially found out that Geist was corrupted, it was under the assumption that he was acting alone, cut off from the rest of the collective consciousness that makes up Omens. However, from the first area we explore, we meet another Omen named Hydolancer who defends Geist and attacks you and Dianthus.

As you progress further, you find more Omens in the Castle of Illusions who also defend Geist and his actions as you try to progress through to stop him from ending the world. Yet, after it’s all over, the game still tries to push forward the idea that Geist was acting alone and acting against what Omens wanted, which is to protect humanity.

6/8 Traveling Villagers

When pursuing a side quest, you often encounter NPCs traveling between major towns and exploring huge, dangerous areas like the Jade Forest, Silent Cave, and Njord Steppe. It’s usually assumed that they’re traveling with a guard or are skilled enough to defend themselves from the monsters that lurk around these areas.

However, in some cases, it’s the complete opposite. For example, in each town, there will be a specific series of quests involving children or defenseless people who wander into these areas and sometimes even travel through them. It’s never explained how, and if your character can barely make it through, then it doesn’t make sense that they would either.

5/8 Future Robots

In the story, you encounter two robots that can supposedly accurately predict the future using patterns in history and science. The first one you meet is an early model located inside a cave that the Order used to predict calamities, and the second is found in an abandoned theme park on Earth and can accurately tell what the person in front of it wants.

The first robot was produced on Earth, so it doesn’t make sense for it to be able to accurately predict what calamities would happen on a different planet that it’s new to. Also, since it was teleported to this planet without time travel, how did an in-tact early version of this robot end up on ReGaia? Then you have the second robot, a later model that led to Omens eventually being made. Because of that, the same three major directives would have been installed to ensure they cause no harm to humans. However, this robot goes out of his way to use memories to manipulate your party to get to his location so that he could attack you to “save humanity.”

4/8 Farming Faeries

After completing the main storyline for each town, a new faerie shows up at your doorstep and offers to help you out on your farm by providing new blueprints, upgrades, and skills. They’re supposed to be the guardians of the four main Seaslight located in each town, who can also provide protection from the Quietus.

However, their existence is never explained and is left out of the story. We don’t know how the faeries manifested into reality since the Seaslight are copies from Earth, and because they are the guardians, wouldn’t their assistance have helped protect everyone? Instead of using them to know more about the Seaslight, they’re usually just translators for side quests.

3/8 Abandoned Eden

The most confusing aspect of Abandoned Eden isn’t the fact that there are white versions of Omen roaming around, but that they were only discovered when Geist found them. Since the Omen AI are a collective consciousness that stems from the white Omen on the original planet Earth, surely they should have known about them.

Not just that, but they didn’t even have a way to get to Abandoned Eden until Geist gave them a key that teleported them there. Which then begs the question, how did Geist get to Abandoned Eden and have a teleporter there when nobody knew of their existence until later in the story?

2/8 Stella Nursery

The Stella Nursery is an end-game area where you’re tasked with finding a girl who controls the Quietus and the entire fate of the human species in her hands. From what we can understand, humans created her to end humanity after Earth was led to its doom, and the original humans were sent into space to sleep in hibernation.

But her entire existence undermines both the Omens and the original humans’ plans to save all of their species with the Heaven’s Shield that Aria’s parents lost their lives for. And after fighting her, she turns into an Elden Ring boss in space that uses the four seasons to try and kill you and your friends.

1/8 Picking A Side

Later on, one of the significant elements of the story is the idea that you must choose the original humans of Earth or the new humans of ReGaia to sacrifice. According to Geist, not everyone could live underneath Heaven's Shield because it simply wouldn't be able to fit a landmass big enough for two species of people underneath it, especially since they would be coming out of hibernation soon.

After this initial argument, nothing is brought up again related to this issue, despite this being such a crucial moment for Aria to realize that she has friends and for your character to choose who should become extinct. But, even after the end of the game, where you choose both to stay alive, the people in hibernation remain in hibernation, yet Quietus is actually removed from the game.

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