9 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Goat Simulator 3

Goat Simulator 3 is full of secret events, easter eggs, and bizarre scenarios all rolled into a sublime sandbox worth exploring. If it weren’t made as cleverly as it was, it would be a mess. Thankfully, it’s Pilgor’s world and we’re all just living in it.

From the moment you start the game, it kicks off with an amazing Skyrim-inspired intro that hits all the right beats. You immediately know you’re in for a wild ride with lots of satire, references, and adventure. Naturally, it’s hard to clock everything right off the bat. Here are a few things you may have easily missed in San Angora.

9/9 The Chicken And The Egg

Go down the hill from Brumehill Cemetery just left of the whack-a-mole waypoint, and you should see a chicken farm. You may be happy just seeing some great chickens with feeders and a trinket you can collect, but go to the back and see a giant pet bowl for Gerard 2nd. If you ring the bell, you’ll see that Gerard 2nd is actually a giant chicken that lives in the barn area.

You can leave anything in the bowl for the chicken to eat when you ring the bell, and it will produce an egg that the farmers will pick up. You can get some karma from this interaction already, but you can take it to the next level and leave yourself in the bowl. Ring the bell from the bowl and Gerard will eat you, turning you into an egg! This is just the proof you need to say you can have an actual rebirth.

8/9 We Live In The Simulation

It’s easy to ignore the names of the many NPCs just minding their business, especially since the game generally makes use of procedural generation for names. That said, a lot of real people get included in the game (both intentionally and by random chance) if you look and lick enough.

A few you may come across are the game’s lead programmer Phillip Lindau, BioShock creator Kevin Levine, and Heisenberg. Is a goat simulation game a reflection of our real world or is reality just a reflection of it? It doesn’t matter when you can shoot energy cans from a car and create an actual tornado by headbutting some ballerinas!

7/9 Oscar Is Alive

If you make your way Downtown and jump up the building with the Lod Life and Love billboards, you’ll see a red carpet event for the 10/10 Movie Awards. If you look closely at the large statue in the center podium, you can see that it actually watches you as you move around.

Because you’re the most chaotic goat alive, you can absolutely go ahead and lick it to confirm that “Oscar the Statue” is indeed alive and will even exclaim if you headbutt him. Who says awards are dead?

6/9 Capra Erectus

Are you there, God? It’s me, Pilgor. In Goat Simulator 3, you can actually get a human form that you can constantly change depending on your mood. In order to find this secret form, you must first find the elusive being that seems like a mix between Jesus, Elvis, and Big Foot.

You can find him in a hidden cave on Libertarian Island. Stand in front, baa, and await salvation. When you enter, you’ll find loaves of bread and fish surrounding a man in shimmering white attire. You could say this is a superstar you only meet once in a lifetime.

5/9 Someone Might Kill Bill

One of the quests you can get tasks you with taking down Whistleblowers. They are scattered around town but, luckily, they whistle constantly. Although the quest is marked and not a secret, it may be easy to miss one of the tunes you’ll hear Goldilocks whistling.

If you wait and listen, you’ll notice the familiar tone is Twisted Nerve. Popularly whistled by fellow golden-locked villain Elle Driver from Kill Bill. Maybe it is best you put them behind bars.

4/9 Becoming The Watch Dog Goat

There are quite a few Watch Dogs references spread throughout the game. You can spot some vigilantes in prison and find their posters in select locations. Why stop there, though?

Hidden by the police station in the Downtown district is the hideout where you can get your very own vigilante mask. If you pick it up, you get the Background Checker ability. This lets you check the occupation, username, disposition, and secret information of every NPC.

3/9 Emulating Arthur

The secret Sword in the Stone quest can be found near the Cosplay Convention. You’ll find a cosplayer in a Goku outfit trying to pull a sword out from a stone. Naturally, the only worthy being to do such a feat is you.

Once you pull out the sword, you unlock the Doomslayer. It does nothing, but it’s pretty cool and you get to display it in your Goat Castle. Worth it.

2/9 Ultimate Enlightenment

If you go to Chatana Yoga, you can join a yoga session. You can fulfill your usual quota of wreaking havoc, or you can actually pick a mat and sit for a while. If you stay long enough to achieve true enlightenment, you get a lotus cosmetic that grants you the ability to see developer comments on assets in the world. Call it next-level insight.

It’s easy to miss this because the yoga session takes a while to finish and the zen master's monologue resets any time you make a single movement. If you have the patience and want an achievement, take a breather for a few minutes.

1/9 Club Mohair

If you’re going to be the ultimate goat, then you definitely want to find yourself in an exclusive club only a few have seen. Head over to the Port of San Angora, find the black container that says “Club Mohair”, and explore a vast space where you can lounge around and ultimately hit the floor with some other rad goats.

You can get a trinket and Molly’s Hair in here, which not only looks great but also makes headbutting way more fun by turning it into Dance Dance Revolution. Just make sure you’re dressed for the part, so you can be granted access. You can pick up a suit from Lux and wear it for a legendary rave.

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