A Glitch Is Giving Modern Warfare Players Unlimited Double XP Tokens

If you’re looking to get through your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle pass, then this double XP token glitch is just the bug you’ve been looking for.

As with every ongoing game as a service, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare uses a battle pass to give players a sense of progression for all that random murder and mayhem they get up to. It’s also a great way to trick players into paying a demi-annual fee, but that’s really beside the point. Battle passes are perceived as great value, so players are willing to pay, and that’s that.

But the trick to battle passes is that you have to play to get value out of them, and sometimes life just gets in the way. You could spend more on your battle pass to get extra progression, but that’s suddenly turning the value proposition on its head.

What if you could get extra progression without needing to pay out the nose for it? Then you might like this glitch that will net you double XP tokens in Modern Warfare and Warzone. It’s still active as of the time of this writing, and as far as we’re aware, the glitch won’t be fixed in time for the next patch.

We have YouTuber RatedLive to thank for posting up an explanation video on how this glitch works. It’s super easy to implement, and all you need is a phone with the Call of Duty Companion App.

The app doesn’t do a whole lot–it just lets you check your player profile and stats on any mobile device. It also lets you claim some login rewards, and it’s that functionality that is currently bugged. It’s supposed to reward the player with a few double XP tokens occasionally after logging in, but a bug is causing it to keep rewarding players so long as they’re fast with their fingers.

If the player can quickly claim the rewards and then swipe away from the Companion App (either to your phone’s home page or another open app), then you can swipe back to the Call of Duty Companion App and claim those rewards again. Repeat this process ad nauseam to get basically unlimited double XP tokens and crunch though that battle pass in no time.

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