A Growing Guide Of Easy Achievements For Xbox Series X/S And One

Rather than keeping all of my achievement-unlocking secrets to myself, I decided to put together a list of the games that deliver the easiest points. Should you find yourself obsessing over them like I do, or locked in a gamerscore battle royale, I hope this guide serves you well. It’ll be updated whenever I find a new game that you need to know about.

6180 The Moon

  • 13 Achievements
  • 1,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 1 hour

This puzzle adventure game is short, beautiful, and strange as all get out. Most of the puzzles involve finding and item and figuring out where to place it. Some of the machines in the game hold minigames, which can be tricky. The game also offers two endings. I recommend making a save when you are given a blue and red pill. If you select the blue pill, you will rocket off to one ending and 100 points. If you use the red pill, you will be taken to an eighth chapter that contains another 100 point conclusion and the remainder of the scraps you need for another 100 points.


Never Alone

  • 15 Achievements
  • 1,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 4-5 hours

Game Informer’s Joe Juba wasn’t a fan of Never Alone, but I found it to be a charming experience that bears its heart and takes players on a colorful adventure through the tundra. It also spits out big-point achievements from start to finish. This is a game that you can unlock 1,000 points in in one sitting. There are only a couple of achievements that you may have to go back and get after the first playthrough. Enjoy the game first and foremost, then go back and mop up the points later. The big thing: Listen for owls. When you hear one, find it. Always check to the left at the start of each level for an owl. Here are the achievements that may give you a little trouble:

Dendrologist: 50 Points
Within the opening moments of The Forest level you’ll hear an owl that you need to find. Don’t worry about it until you find yourself circling back toward the beginning. You’ll end up on a ledge with a tree across a small gap to the left and ice that must be broken below you. Don’t drop down to break the ice. Jump across the gap, hit the tree, and continue on to find the owl.

Insightful: 200 Points
After you finish the game and find all of the owls, which should mostly be accomplished in the opening playthrough, go into the video player. You don’t have to watch every video all the way through, but for whatever reason, just clicking all of the videos and backing out doesn’t seem to work, either. I had to watch five or six of them fully before the wonderful 200 point achievement popped up.


Ori and the Blind Forest

  • 50 Achievements
  • 1,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 8-25 hours

Without going for any achievements in my initial playthrough, I walked away with 725 or the 1,000 points offered. If you want to unlock most of them, do not venture to the lower sections of the volcano before getting everything you can from the other areas. Once you engage the final boss, there’s no turning back. A completed game can no longer be accessed. Most of the achievements I unlocked came from the critical path, including a nice 100-point achievement for completing the game. You’ll need to play the game numerous times to unlock all of the achievements, as some are tied to feats like “complete the entire game without dying” and “complete the game without using an Ability Point.”


The Park

  • 1,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 45 minutes-2 hours

The Park’s achievements require a keen eye and off-the-beaten path exploration. The first achievement “The Mist” can be obtained by leaving the park. It takes a few minutes, and you’ll earn 100 points for doing this. From this achievement on, most of the achievements are tied to objects in the environment. The video below walks you through all of them within 45 minutes!


Pneuma: Breath of Life

  • 11 Achievements
  • 1,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 3-4 hours

If you can tolerate an annoying narrator for a few hours, you should be able to unlock all 1,000 points from Pneuma: Breath of Life. I didn’t look at any guides for Pnuema, and walked away with all but two of the achievements. Here are the two you’ll need to keep an eye out for:

Spirit: 50 points
In chapter 2, you’ll need to activate five torches. To do this, you’ll need to deploy a number of techniques, like looking at them, looking away, and walking backwards. At this point in the game you should be acclimated with these techniques. Just hunt down the torches. Some of the torches in the world do not count for the achievement. You need to find ones that can be interacted with. The final two torches are right after the bridge with the eye that you need to interact with. Once they are activated, a pillar will appear with a message that gives you the achievement.

Soul: 50 points
This achievement is a pain in the butt, requiring you quit the game and bounce around to different chapters. The best advice I can give is to watch this video for the solution.


Rare Replay

  • 200 Achievements
  • 4,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 15 minutes to 100-plus hours

No, Rare Replay doesn’t deliver an easy 4,000 points, but you can add a few hundred points without playing any games. All you have to do is launch a game and you’ll earn 15 gamerscore just for firing it up. You can do this for all of the games in the collection.



  • 10 Achievements
  • 1,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 4 to 30 minutes

The first playthrough of this casual platformer can be completed in roughly 30 minutes, which will net you roughly 500 points. The hardest achievement to get is finishing the game in just four minutes. You’ll need to memorize the locations you need to hit and run through it mostly without error.


Slice Zombies

  • 17 Achievements
  • 1,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 4-5 hours

After just one game, I unlocked six achievements. Around 700 achievement points can be unlocked in under an hour. The only difficult achievements are the 140-point “The Winner Takes All,” rewarded for completing the game, and “Champagne and Caviar,” unlocked after collecting 15,000 coins.


The Swapper

  • 10 Achievements:
  • 1,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 3-4 Hours

The Swapper’s achievements are next to impossible to unlock without using a strategy guide. The game offers 10 achievements, all tied to 10 incredibly well hidden terminals – often tucked away behind solid walls. The video below shows off the location of each terminal, and the methods needed to reach them, all while not spoiling any puzzle solutions.


Tekken 7

  • 43 Achievements
  • 1,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 5-6 Hours

Don’t be intimidated by the huge list of achievements: you’ll get most of them from playing the story mode and Treasure Battle, two of the most exploitable modes in Tekken 7. The story mode takes about two hours to complete (less if you skip all the cutscenes) and the most of the fights aren’t difficult. Be sure to take on the final challenge at the end, then do 10 Character Stories. Then head over to Treasure Battle, where you can pick Akuma, spam your fireball for about 60 straight matches to earn treasure boxes and rank up to Warrior, and get a lot of other achievements. In training mode, just do a 10-hit combo (the character King has one 10-hit string on his move list), then perform many of the basic maneuvers in the game. Finally, you’ll have to play 10 online matches and earn a win in Ranked, Player, and Tournament modes. These may be tough depending on who you go up against, but that’s still over 900 points you can get without really trying.


Thomas Was Alone

  • 15 Achievements
  • 1,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 2-3 Hours

Outside of getting stumped on a few puzzles, I had no problem flying through this wonderful platformer. You won’t have to go out of your way to unlock the achievements awarded for jumping 1,600 times or dying 100 times – you should get those roughly halfway through the game. The only achievement that warrants unconventional play is “Part of the Problem.” To earn this one, place a character on Laura and put your controller down. After a minute or so, the achievement will ring out. To earn the Thomas Was Not Alone achievement, you’ll need to complete the bonus levels, which are unlocked after the credits roll. As for the collectibles, here are the levels you’ll find them in:

Mr. Lonely
Spawn – 0.3, 0.5

Three Amigos
Array – 1.8, 1.9

The Golden Fleece
Origin – 2.4, 2.9

True Romance
Associations – 3.4, 3.8

Lone Survivor
Purge – 4.4, 4.8

Defying Gravity
Invert – 5.1, 5.4

A Noble Quest
Iterate – 6.2, 6.7

Design – 7.1, 7.10

Generation – 8.5, 8.10

Exit Through the Gift Shop
Y+1, X+1 – 9.2, 9.10


Whispering Willows

  • 19 Achievements
  • 1,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 1 Hour

Most of Whispering Willow’s big achievements can be missed, and take a fair amount of exploration to uncover. I recommend playing the game to completion on your own, and going through a second time to mop them up using the video guide below, which walks you through the entire game in under an hour.


Your Toy

  • 22 Achievements
  • 1,000 Points
  • Time Requirement: 1 Hour

This short puzzle-horror experience delivers most achievements along the critical path, but you will have to restart the game for a few of them – such as dying three times (for 40 points), and finding the key in the cave’s first light (for 60 points). The video below by Achievement Land shows you how to solve every puzzle.

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