A Hostage Situation Is Reportedly Occuring In The Building That Houses Ubisoft Montreal

According to local news stations in Montreal, Canada, a hostage situation is currently unfolding in the building that houses Ubisoft Montreal on Saint Laurent Boulevard. Police are on the scene but have not been able to verify exactly what is occurring.

A tweet from Eric Pope, senior community developer for HyperScape, states that he was on a call with some employees when they abruptly needed to leave the building. Other tweets from bystanders show similar things from the street level.

The Montreal Police have urged citizens to stay away from Saint Laurent Boulevard at the moment. Without divulging too many details (likely for the safety of the hostages), it seems to corroborate everything else that is going on.

Outlet The Post Millennial has been using its Twitter account to keep readers abreast of all current developments. At present, there are several people on the roof of the building with a heavy police response on the street. Ambulances have also been rushed to the scene, hopefully as a precaution and not in response to any injuries.

CBC News is reporting that the situation is in relation to an armed robbery. Whether or not it directly relates to Ubisoft is unknown.

Our hearts go out to the people currently affected by this. We hope everyone can leave this situation safe and sound.

We’ll keep you updated with information on the story as more news unfolds.

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