A YouTuber Is Building Among Us In Survival Minecraft

It’s no secret that Among Us is “officially the most popular game ever.” It’s also one of the most copied games ever. Fortnite was one of the biggest names to get into the Among Us craze with its version of the game called “The Spy within,” but Minecraft isn’t far behind. While there are many people attempting to create Among Us in Minecraft, one of the most impressive versions is being built by a YouTuber who is playing in survival.

Minecraft is big on YouTube. Like, really big, and among the millions of hours of video out there, exists an SMP (survival multiplayer server) called Hermitcraft. Hermitcraft brings together some of Minecraft’s most talented builders, red stoners, and personalities for the sole purpose of enjoying the game together. What really sets the Hermitcraft server apart, though, is the sheer scale of things that are built on the server—completely in survival Minecraft.

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One of the staples of the Hermitcraft servers is mini-games for everyone to play together. YouTuber TangoTek has already built a (mostly) automated “deck building, dungeon crawling, treasure hunting, collect ’em all, trading game” called “Decked Out” that took a 250,000 block excavation and a month to build (you should really take a look at it). Now, Tango is looking to build a version of Among Us, once again, completely in survival Minecraft.

The Among Us game isn’t quite as large as the last one (it’s only taken a 157,500 block excavation), but it is shaping up to be just as intricate. Tango explains in his video that he doesn’t want to exactly replicate Among Us. Instead, he wants to create a game that uses the same gameplay and design elements, but that is decidedly Minecraft.

There will still be tasks to complete, imposters to spot, ghosts to help out, and emergency meetings to be had. All of this, of course, needs to be done using vanilla Minecraft elements and exploits. That means there is going to be a lot of Redstone involved. Based on what Tango said during his video, this game is going to look and feel almost exactly like Among Us.

There will be some limitations—bodies in Minecraft instantly disappear for example—but based on what Tango has already accomplished, this is likely going to be the closest you’ll come to seeing Among Us in Minecraft.

The good news is, you’ll be able to download the world—and thus play the game—when the season is over if you have the Java version of Minecraft. For now, though, you can watch the building progress by watching TangoTek’s YouTube channel (and marvel at the amount of time and ingenuity that’s going into it).

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