Abandoned Completely Removes Interface For The Sake Of Realism

Developers from Blue Box Game Studios continue sharing the details of their debut project Abandoned, which was revealed only a few days ago. Full gameplay demonstration for this cinematic horror-shooter is expected this June on E3.

Blue Box has been working with Sony since 2015, but right now the developers can’t discuss the game’s exclusivity and their plans to release the game on additional platforms sometime later. Instead, the head of Blue Box Game Hasan Kahraman has spoken to about how the developers try to make the game as realistic as possible.

Kahraman said the studio had been working on Abandoned since 2017, and the goal was to make something very special, unlike the common first-person games, which dominate the market today. According to him, the players will notice the emphasis on realism in every aspect of the game.

Kahraman revealed Abandoned is using Unreal Engine 4 and the team put all the effort into delivering smooth character animations. For the sake of realism, Abandoned will have no user interface at all. Therefore, players will have to manually check their ammo count and clean wounds to avoid infections. Such an approach opens many unusual gameplay possibilities. For example, if the protagonist is wounded in the leg, he will fall and drop his weapon. The player will have to choose if they try to stop the bleeding immediately or pick up a gun and fight off the enemy first.

Thirst and hunger mechanics will play a major role in Abandoned. The players will have to hunt the wild animals for food, however, some supplies can be obtained while exploring the world around them. In addition, if you drink dirty water or eat stale food, the protagonist will get sick.

Interestingly enough, right after the Abandoned was revealed, many players believed the game is actually a hidden promo for a more ambitious triple-A game from Hideo Kojima. Hasan Kahraman admitted he was concerned that this “false” attention and fan theories would hurt the real game the studio was working on. Moreover, Blue Box head didn’t like that many players compared his project to the last Resident Evil games. He pointed out Abandoned is “completely different.”

Abandoned is scheduled for release exclusively for the PlayStation 5 later this year.

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