Adin Ross Briefly Banned On Twitch After Being Swatted

Twitch streamer Adin Ross was briefly banned from the platform whilst being swatted, before being unbanned a few hours later. It's thought that Ross was banned from Twitch as the video goes against community guidelines and shows him being involved with "police action".

The stream, which took place on November 7 but has only recently been uploaded to his YouTube channel, shows Ross in his living room as the SWAT team arrives outside. Ross quickly calls his friend to let them know that he's about to be swatted and that he can hear the SWAT team outside. As he gets off the phone with his friend, he gets on his knees and puts his arms around the back of his head.

Ross then talks to the camera and stream, asking "Why do ya'll do this people, bro? Why the fuck do you all swat people, why do you do this shit? I hear my friends outside already being screamed at by cops, bro, why do you all do this bro?". Ross then rebuffs someone asking if it's a script, before repeatedly asking why people do this and telling the others in his house to join him in the living room on their knees. The clip ends with Ross talking to a SWAT officer on the phone and walking outside with his hands up.

Following the stream, Ross was banned from Twitch for a few hours, before being unbanned. As reported by Dexerto, Ross noticed the ban, tweeting “I really got banned on twitch for being swatted", before deleting the tweet, presumably as he was unbanned from the platform.

Although neither Ross nor Twitch have confirmed why the streamer was briefly banned from the platform, it appears to have been a temporary measure to get the video taken down while the incident was happening. According to Twitch's guidelines, it can remove a video “in situations where a user has lost control of their broadcast due to severe injury, medical emergency, police action, or being targeted with serious violence".

Like many other unfortunate streamers in recent years, this isn't Ross' first time being swatted. The popular streamer was swatted back in August while streaming, and was also previously swatted during a fan meetup in 2021.

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