Agony VR: Hellish Horror Game Getting A Port

Here’s one to fuel your nightmares; an Agony VR version is on the way.

Poland-based Ignibit this month confirmed that it is working with original developer Madmind Studio on a “brand new virtual reality” version of the game. No other details, including platforms and release date, were confirmed in the tweet, but the studio says to expect more content soon.

Agony VR Version Confirmed

Agony was a 2018 horror game that literally took players to hell. You play as a tormented soul that discovers the ability to possess the inhabitants of the underworld, giving you a chance of escaping the demonic prison once and for all. It features a full story-driven campaign that takes around eight or so hours to beat.

The game didn’t review especially well, but many people at the time agreed that a VR version could really help heighten the scares. Certainly judging by the trailer above for the traditional version, it looks like VR could help us really feel like we’re in hell. Y’know, if that’s what you really want.

As for platforms, a PC VR version is likely the safest bet, though the original Agony did find its way onto Nintendo Switch (along with PS4 and Xbox One) so perhaps Quest and PSVR editions aren’t off the table. We’ll keep following Agony VR and bring you more on the game as soon as we have it.

Elsewhere in VR horror land we recently got another port, this time of Bloober’s Blair Witch game on Oculus Quest.

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