Amouranth Plays Both Sides Of Hot Tub Meta, Buys Pool Toy Company

Amouranth is best known as one of Twitch’s top streamers, but she’s also been broadening her business portfolio in recent months. Besides signing on to Playboy's new streaming service, which promises to be a sex-positive creator-led digital platform, Amourant has also bought a pair of gas stations. That was less about getting into the oil and gas industry and more about getting a tax break (that probably doesn't exist, as it turns out), but this shows us that Amouranth isn't just a pretty face on Twitch. This girl has some business sense, too.

Case in point, Amouranth has just announced she's buying a pool toy company. The final purchase price wasn't disclosed, but she did say it was bought for "over $10 million" with at least half of it financed through a low-interest loan. She's also committed to funding the business with $7 million of her own dollars over the next seven years.

The company, which also wasn't named, does a pretty solid business of roughly $15 million revenue annually. However, the true reason Amouranth purchased this pool toy company was so she could consolidate the hot-tub Twitch meta.

"The company is a big supplier to many AMAZON & COSTCO vendors/and they have some direct product listings," wrote Amouranth. "They also make the type of floating lights us Hot-tub meta girls use to light up the water in our tubs!"

Even if Twitch doesn’t allow ad revenue for any of Amouranth’s hot tub videos anymore, it’s still the perfect opportunity for her to advertise her new company’s line of pool toys. Thus, she takes a money-losing stream and turns it into money-generating ads for her own products.

Besides announcing her latest acquisition, Amouranth also teased a new business venture with fellow streamer Ludwig. No word on what that might be, but we’re guessing it’ll be a new line of Ludwig-branded pool toys.

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