An Overwatch Bug Has Revealed Hammond’s Full Body And It’s Horrifying

We can all agree that Hammond is a hamster, yes? He’s a sentient hamster driving a mechanized and heavily-armed ball of destruction, sure, but he’s still just a hamster. He’s got little arms and little legs and an adorably cute snoot to boop right between his beady little rodent eyes. He’s not actually a terrifying giant rodent who hides his withered form inside a mecha ball.

At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself for the past 30 minutes.

You see, there’s a new bug in Overwatch that has proven to be quite revealing. The bug allows characters to essentially swap dance emotes, letting Reaper dance like Sombra or lettering Winston dance as Symmetra. You can swap anyone’s dance with anyone else provided you follow the steps outlined in this video, and while most of the results are innocently amusing, there’s one combination that is utterly horrifying.

If you swap Orisa’s galloping dance onto Hammond, you end up with this… thing. And I warn you, this cannot be unseen, so stop watching now if you’re faint of heart. (And while Reddit user frogplates posted the video, we’re not going to thank them for unleashing this image upon the world.)

As you can see, Hammond is not an adorable hamster but is actually a rodent version of Slenderman hiding in a mechaball. A Slenderham, if you will.

You can’t actually see Hammond’s feet because they’re clipping through his ball, but we’re certain that if they were visible, they’d appear distorted into hoof-like limbs that are actually soul-sucking proboscises.

If you learn how to use this dance-swap bug, please be sure to use this knowledge responsibly. Don’t reveal Hammond’s true form, lest you scar the entire Overwatch-playing population for life.

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