Angry Birds And Cult Of The Lamb Are In The Middle Of A Twitter War

Remember that innocuous mobile game that saw you flinging little birds at green pigs back when mobile games were in their infancy? Well, Angry Birds since crossed over with Star Wars, got two movies, has its own TV show, and many, many more games. It's huge. And over the last week, it decided to pick a Twitter fight with Cult of the Lamb. Who knows why?

This will no doubt go down in internet history (right? It definitely won't just be the Twitter thing for a week before we move onto the next), so we should document it, and preserve this 'pivotal' moment in meme culture.

Cult of the Lamb tweeted, "Fight me @duolingo" with a photo of their mascots imposed over the Super Smash Bros. fight screen. Off to a great start, so far. Then the Angry Birds official Twitter quote retweeted, "from gamer 2 gamer, i will fight u". That's the beginning, which was six days ago. They're still going.

Cult of the Lamb bit the bait and voila, a quote retweet rabbit hole feud was born. "bruh, this bird be angry" was followed with "i just want to talk", as Angry Birds attached a photo of Red with their beak awkwardly on the side of their face, which Cult of the Lamb copied by making Red in their game, running while carrying shit.

Then we got a clip of someone in a Red costume flipping a burger while threatening to cook lamb chops. Did they have this on hand? Was it in the GIF library – if so, why? Did they film it just for this joke-y Twitter feud? All of them leave me with more questions. If it was filmed just for the joke, why did the social media manager have a Red costume lying around? What else do they use it for?

Regardless, Cult of the Lamb went after the Angry Birds movie next by asking if Red wanted some tomatoes with their burger, attaching a photo of their film's Rotten Tomatoes score. 43 percent from critics, and 46 percent from audiences – it didn't fly well. The sequel did, but Angry Birds didn't bring that up.

This got Cult of the Lamb two retweets, one from Red asking how to dox a lamb on Google, the other citing the Steam concurrent players for Cult of the Lamb, which have declined by tens of thousands since launch.

And you're caught up. That's the Angry Birds Cult of the Lamb Twitter 'drama' (again, definitely not drama) summed up. Two very different games going at it because of Duolingo. Go back and explain that to someone using the internet 20 years ago.

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